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You Are 92% Evil

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You're the most evil person you know.
The devil is even a little scared of you!

How Evil Are You?


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You Are A Wolf(Thats Shelby's Animal)Your a loyal and friendly animal. You can be mean at times but you have many great quallities.

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You are a vampire. Vampires relate to hatred, anger, evil, passion, and love. They are aggresive and tend to have a very quick-temper. They associate with darkness and shadows, and are said to of been sired from dracula himself. colors: red or blacknegative traits: evil, wicked, treacherous, deceiving, dark, aggresive, etc.positive traits: passionate, etc.gemstone: ruby

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Emoyour clothing is characterized by tight jeans , long fringe (bangs) brushed to one side of the face or blunt but past the eyebrows, dyed black or some other color(unless like mr your parents wont let you!), straightened hair, tight t-shirts which often bear the names of rock bands (or other designed shirts), studded belts, belt buckles, Chuck Taylor All-Stars, skate shoes, or other black shoesoften old and beaten upand thick,horn-rimmed glasses( mine are purple). tightly fitting sweaters, button-down shirts, and work jackets.When referring to your personality and attitude, most definitions of emo hold that an emo person is emotionally candid, sensitive, shy, introverted, glum, and quiet. Depression and broken-heartedness are sometimes used to describe the emo personality (but as you know that is usualy not true..,but people dont take the time to get to know you,). The factuality of broken-heartedness as a personality trait stems from the opinion that emo music contains multiple references to unrequited love and emotional and relationship problems.(This might not be how you really are but it is your rep! get over mine is like that too and it sucks!)your personality is also often connected with writing poetry (even if you dont!), resulting from the world's inability to understand the author. . A common theme is the authors feeling that life is pain, or how misunderstood the author feels.You have probly been cought listening to "emo" music. "Emo" music is:The term emo as a music genre has become broader and broader with time, and now is loosely understood to mean "rock music with emotionally-based lyrics or effect." It is used to describe a broad, poorly defined group of bands that might include nearly any popular (or unpopular) rock band. The term's definition is the subject of debate. Emo is now often used to refer to a person's fashion, personality, or both, as well as a musical category.this is you and your frinds reputation:sda and pathetic...this is just a fad and it will fade and you will become the next fad...you tell them that isnt true but thay just wont listen!(but I know better and so bo you)

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Am Kaylene.
Am 15 years old.
Live with my aunt.
Haven't seen my parents in ten years.
Love drawing.
Am okay at it.
Love reading and playing video games.
Hang out with my friends a lot.
Love Wendy's.
Love Hot Topic.
Love Horror and Gory Movies.
Love My Friends.
Have best friends they are Alex, Sean{{Bishi-San}}, and Sharlene{{xxSadxxTacoxx}}.
Love to talk to random people.
Love Random Comments.
Listen to my Ipod a lot! {{Too Much actually}}
Love Long Socks, which go up to my knees, all striped.
Have favorite colors, Silver/grey, Black, Crimson, And Neon Orange.
Dye my hair sometimes.
Wear skirts almost everyday.
Wear Dark Makeup.
Get in trouble for the Makeup I wear.
Love Yaoui.
Love wolves!
Love my kitties, especially my Nimmies{{M&M}}, and Wompycoot{{Pumpkin}}.
Love Werewolves, Vampires, and Dragons.
Wear glasses, and just got braces two weeks ago.
Love <33

Now then.
First of all, my old names were Gaara-Aijin and xxxDeathxxAngelxx.
So don't get any ideas I stole the work..
Well, I had to change xxxDeathxxAngelxx because my aunt said that it was to Morbid.
And I am getting into "dark stuff" so I changed it..
But I didn't want to..

The bands I like are as follows:
My Chemical Romance,
Three Days Grace,
Green Day,
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus,
Bullet For My Valentine,
Good Charlette,
Blue October,
Fall Out Boy,
The Used,
Avenged Sevenfold,
Madina Lake,
Simple Plan,
Panic! At The Disco,
New Found Glory,
Breaking Benjamin,
Drowning Pool,
Guns N' Roses,
Kid Rock,
Likin Park,
Marilyn Manson,
The Red Hot Chili Peppers,
System Of A Down,
Scary Kids Scarying Kids,
Hawthorne Heights,
The Fray,
Taking Back Sunday,
All American Rejects,
Theory Of A Deadman,
Gym Class Heros,
Coheed And Cambria,
Thousand Foot Kruch,
Papa Roach,
The Plain White T's,
Sick Puppies.
I also like more but I can't think of them right now.

Books you should read:
Harry Potter xxxxx
Eragon xx
Twilight xxxxx
New Moon {{Second in Twiliight series}} xxxxxx
Wolf Brother Series xxx
Burned xx
Cell xx
Cujo xxx
The Resort xxxx {{Descriptive in the sexual part}}
Superstitions xxx {{Tons of descriptive sexual and gory parts (Haha <33)}}
Memiors Of A Geisha xxx


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Below The Cellar Door

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Below The Cellar Door

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Haha, braces suck!

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vibrant hearts

Report | 12/15/2007 11:31 am

vibrant hearts

thank you, i took that picture when i was on vacation in north carolina a few summers ago. :]
b u t t - t r a p

Report | 12/15/2007 1:09 am

b u t t - t r a p

thanks for the comment, I like your avi too <3

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Happy Halloween!

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Thanks for the purchase... Come again soon!!! ^_^
Neko-chan 232

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Neko-chan 232



go download "the Great Escape"



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