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Occupation: Marching Band Geek (And Proud of It!)


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Okay, for those of you who don't know, I'm Imaginary Moonlight, a.k.a. Rin.

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I'm a 15 year old, hyper active, caffiene addicted, chocoholic. I've got a bunch of strange and random thoughts like wanting to play 'Another One Bites the Dust' by Queen every time a squirrel jumps on a transformer near my house. xd Oh yes, I went there.

My best-ie (best friend) is Rain. She's great, and she's been like my sister since 4th grade. Ummm...

I've got the most amazing boyfriend in he world. So, don't ask if I'm single. I wouldn't dump the boy for anyone, not even Edward Cullen or Jacob Black. I love him with all I've got and more. He's everything to me. And I wanna spend the rest of my life with him.

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I've got a ton of pets... I'm not gonna bother with listing them all though.

Hmmmm... What else to say? Occasionally, I act a bit strange. Like, I'll talk to myself, or talk about myself in the third person. It's great. Oh, yeah... "It's great" is kinda like my catch phrase, I'm usually being sarcastic. Oh, and the last manga book that I read was book one of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Did I mention that I dye my hair? Name a color, except green. I'll bet ya I've dyed it that color. xd

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the key to chaos Report | 04/05/2010 11:34 pm
the key to chaos
sand and scars Report | 11/07/2009 12:24 pm
sand and scars
eh, up and down.how about yours? and did you have a good halloween?
Cereal Strawz Report | 10/28/2009 10:09 pm
Cereal Strawz
I believe I just fell in love with your name.
Is it alright if I marry you and have your children?
Nitemare X Report | 10/15/2009 3:51 pm
Nitemare X
I was told to take it.
I didn't xd
sand and scars Report | 10/13/2009 1:23 pm
sand and scars
Nitemare X Report | 10/10/2009 7:33 pm
Nitemare X
That's true, there are alot of them out there now
Nitemare X Report | 10/04/2009 12:39 pm
Nitemare X
I havent been on for the longest time~ i'v been doing alright 3nodding
Nitemare X Report | 09/19/2009 9:25 pm
Nitemare X
Wooooah, long time no talk
kimodameshi Report | 07/30/2009 5:08 pm
Sometimes it is better to do that. Bunch of people go to other places like Marvel, DC, MySpace, Facebook, Maybe if you ask them where else they go and if you go there too then you don't have to come here. But I guess it might be one of those things that are easier said than done. It's really up to you.
kimodameshi Report | 07/30/2009 4:59 pm
I see, I get that sometimes, I think we all do. That reminds me, I'm training my self for the 2010 LA Bicycle Marathon.


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Have You Seen My Sanity? [PG-13]

This is my little journal... I'll rant, rave, and do what ever the Hell I want here.