Dream Art Shoppe

Welcome to Kiro's Dream Art Shoppe section!

This art shop holds a specialty in creating hand-drawn art pieces to fit your desirable requests. From drawing avi's to simple little random things, we are happy to fulfill your wanted project.


Prices vary depending on the type of art pieces you would like which are as follows:

Chibi Avatar: 300-500G.

Standard Avatar: 800-900G

Advanced Avatar: 1-2k

Group Avatar: 2-5k

Other: No set price. However, it will vary.

The art shop will officially be opened on October 30, 2010 -- THIS Halloween.
We are taking time to prepare and set up examples for customers to take a look at, and to make sure that things run accordingly when it opens. Don't worry, it will definatly be worth your wait. Thanks for stopping by! We'll be waiting for you.