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WASSUPP??! 3nodding blaugh xp im mattea and i was born in japan but im american.... dont think im japanese just because i was born there!!! it pisses mee off!! so dont think that!! but any way... i luv anime ,manga, my friends and family, video games, sports, ice cream, rap, metal, pop, jpop, pretty much any opening to a anime i like, and my baby sister Be-Be!!! (bluebird) 4laugh rofl ... i hate country, ppl that hate, being sick, ppl being mean to my friends or family, dieing or losing at video gmaes, and tomatos! cool dramallama .... but thx for coming on my profile!!! that must mean u heart mee! XD


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shacobestjungleisop Report | 08/24/2011 1:35 pm
lol its ok :3
Hows it going school sucks for me boring sad
Xx_Lumiere-Noire_xX Report | 08/07/2011 2:44 pm
Lmao its ok XD n yeaaa blaugh
Xx_Lumiere-Noire_xX Report | 08/07/2011 12:50 pm
Lmao XD It's spelt emotional and yayyy~ 3nodding
xXxRinLenLuver14xXx Report | 07/07/2011 11:36 am
Hey biggrin Cute avi n profile xd Ive actually been on Gaia for a while I still have my other account ( Karin_Animelver98 ) I just felt like making another one biggrin Thanks anyway 3nodding
SG KevinPipeBomb Report | 07/07/2011 9:01 am
SG KevinPipeBomb
Yep Wrestling And Jabbawockeez and sorry i left u in zOMG The Power Went out so yeah
S Cicada Report | 07/07/2011 7:22 am
S Cicada
Almost all day today.
TDAXxUnknown MistxXTDA Report | 07/07/2011 6:16 am
TDAXxUnknown MistxXTDA
indeed u hav y favorite charater is leon as u can see XD xp
teddybear801 Report | 07/07/2011 4:47 am
hola scream
x-Ohh-Emma Report | 07/03/2011 6:00 pm
post this message on 3 profiles then press ALT+F4 u will get 1 million gold + and angelic halo
xPrefectWeaponx Report | 07/02/2011 5:49 pm
Your Welcome! (:



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Girl:hey Boy: hey whats up Girl: nm u Boy: I got my G.E.D. Girl: OMG!! IM SO PROUD OF YOU! Boy: yeah thanx Girl: I have to tell you something Boy: go ahead Girl: well I love you. I always have, I cared about you and your always in my heart Boy: thats cool I love you too but your too young, you're 14 and i'm 17 Girl: but I love you, age shouldn't matter Boy :I know you do and I love you but i found this girl and she's my age girl: I just thought........ (crying she logs off)Tthe next day the boy turns on the news and hears that a 14 yr old girl cuts her wrists and wrote on the wall "Age never matters" The boy then recieves a call from the girl he chose and she says "I'm leaving you for the one I love." That night the boy hung himself and writes on the wall"she's right. Age doesn't matter. I love you and always will." IF YOU AGREE AGE SHOULDN'T MATTER AS LONG AS YOU LOVE THEM THEN POST THIS ON UR PROFILE!!!!!!!! NEVER STOP LOVING BECAUSE OF AGE!!!!! <3

_Fake friends: Never ask for food. True Friends: are the reasons you have no food. Fake Friends: Call your parents Mr/Mrs True Friends: Call your parents DAD/MOM Fake Friends: bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong. True Friends: Would sit next to you saying "Damn ... we f****d up ... but that s**t was fun!" Fake Friends: never seen you cry. True Friends: cry with you Fake Friends: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back. True Friends: keep your s**t so long they forget its yours. Fake Friends: know a few things about you. True Friends: Could write a book about you with direct quotes from you.Fake Friends: Will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing. True Friends: Will kick the whole crowds a** that left you. Fake Friends: Would knock on your front door. True Friends: Walk right in and say "I'M HOME!" Fake Friends: Are for a while. True Friends: Are for life. Fake Friends: Will take your drink away when they think you've had enough. True Friends: Will look at you stumbling all over the place and say "b***h drink the rest of that you know we don't waste s**t." Fake Friends: will talk s**t to the person who talks s**t about you. True Friends: Will knock them the f**k out Fake Friends: Will read this. True friends: Will steal this <3