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what i wear :)


look at this its a distraction!!!!!!

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look here :)

im Liam.
the world is my cancer
it kills me a little bit everyday.
im an easy person to talk to.
i skate whenever im not working.
i smoke so dont hate. i will drink
if i feel like partying. you can add me if you
want im trying to get as many friends as possible.

leave me some love and i will return the favor

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Mllieum Snow Report | 06/03/2010 10:11 am
Mllieum Snow
between work and babysitting brothers *sigh* what a pain in the butt they r.........
Mllieum Snow Report | 06/03/2010 9:20 am
Mllieum Snow
lolz so whats been going on ever since yhu last been on?
Mllieum Snow Report | 06/03/2010 8:58 am
Mllieum Snow
long time no see
xDarlingxDaringx Report | 12/14/2009 5:02 pm
Happy Birthday!: )
xDarlingxDaringx Report | 06/18/2009 7:37 pm
of course i care and love for u...but whats the way u want to be loved?
xDarlingxDaringx Report | 06/18/2009 7:16 pm
well at least u have me if u need help im one that loves u
xDarlingxDaringx Report | 06/18/2009 5:12 pm
liam dont die..i know life u just wont leave it and die.but dont die.
xDarlingxDaringx Report | 06/09/2009 6:33 pm
oh kewl..
xDarlingxDaringx Report | 06/08/2009 6:09 pm
xDarlingxDaringx give u some cigarettes but ur to far.haha
xDarlingxDaringx Report | 06/08/2009 12:36 pm
dont say that.
ur a somebody.
heh i bet u'll be happy soon.
oh im srry.

i love u kortnee