"You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everyone else, and we are all a part of the same compost pile." - Tyler Durden, 'Fight Club'

You met me at a very strange time in my life. The name is Cheyenne Wallace. I have the same birthday as Janet Jackson(figure it out), except I was born in 1995. I don't eat meat, I'm a vegetarian, but I plan on becoming vegan. I've been told that I'm pretty tall for my age, which is 5 foot 7. I have an affinity for photos that are in black and white. I have a little bit of social anxiety, therefore, I'm not too much of a people person. The term "gentle giant" does not apply to me, not always at least. I'm a nice, caring, chill person for the most part, but when I'm pissed, I'm PISSED! So just don't get on my bad side. I am a bit short tempered especially when I'm under pressure.(The littlest things make me mad.) If there's one line I can use to describe myself, it would be "I'm too weird to live but much too rare to die...". When my friends describe me, they describe me as unlike any girl they've ever met(in a good way though!) and rare to find. So I feel that line describes me in a nutshell. I've also been told that I'm caring, which is true, but not always a good thing. Caring too much is one of my many weaknesses/ design flaws(we all got them). At times I can be CRAZY!!!(You're never gonna SURVIVE unless you are little bit CRAZY.) I write poetry, I don't think it's too good though. I've been blessed with the greatest friends anyone can ask for, even though at times I don't deserve them and if you ******** with them, you gotta deal with me.I read a lot of books, they are key to my SANITY!(Call me a nerd or a loser or whatever, see if I give a crap.)
I am a music junkie! I believe that music is one of the world's only true things(besides poetry) where you have freedom of expression and without it we'd all be boring and monotonous. I believe that music is also the what makes the world vivid and colorful. If we didn't have music, this world wouldn't be the way it is.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention! I am a bit of a musician myself. I kinda play guitar, though I suck at it. I plan on getting a bass guitar though, I feel like that's my calling.
I've also been told that I give out good advice, so if you need an ear to shout into, a shoulder to cry on , or anything of that matter, just leave me a message(no comments when it comes to stuff like that) and I will try my best to help you. Oh and don't worry about your secrets being exposed, they are safe with me. As I like to say, "A secret silenced.... is a secret safe."
Well that's it for now. If you wanna know more about me, don't hesitate leave me a message or comment asking me a question. I will answer all questions, as long as they are within reason and not personal.
One MORE thing everyone! Taylor Lautner(Jacob) is WAAAAAAY better looking than Robert Pattinson(Edward)! Team Jacob! It's a Twilight thing, sorry if you don't understand.

Thanks for taking time out of your "busy" schedules to read this. I love you!!! LOL JK

Oh and by the way, this is the girl behind the avi.

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The Race For The 1000th Comment Is On!!!!
500th Comment: kh.ikari

My Favorite Types Of Music are....
1. Screamo/ Emotional Hardcore
2. Punk
3. Metal
4. Techno/Rave/Electronica
5. Rock
6. Anything that's by any member of Taking Back Sunday (i.e.; Straylight Run, The Color Fred, and of course... Taking Back Sunday!!!)

My Favorite Bands/ Singers are...
1. Taking Back Sunday
2. My Chemical Romance
3. A.F.I.(A Fire Inside) / Blaqk Audio
4. Lifetime
5. Hawthorne Heights
6. Avenged Sevenfold
7. Silverstein
8. Aiden
9. The Used
10. Linkin Park
11. Blink-182, 44, Angels And Airwaves
12. From First To Last
13. The Smiths
14. Marilyn Manson
15. Nine Inch Nails
16. Limp Bizkit
17. Atreyu

My Favorite Colors are...
1. Black
2. Purple(Dark)
3. Green(Neon and Green)
4. Red(Dark)
5. Gray
6. Silver
7. Hot Pink
8. Blue(Aqua and Dark)

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Meh latest crush/ latest person on meh list to be stalked (lol):

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Matt Rubano doing what he does best.... Playing bass!!!!!: (I want to break him down so badly...) lol whee

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My two FAVORITE dudes, Matt Rubano AND Adam Lazzara( the Lord has FINALLY answered my prayers) lol : biggrin :

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Random S***! xd :

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This song explains how i feel about a special someone.
"This Flesh A Tomb" by Atreyu

I feel eyelashes on my cheek
And they lacerate my flesh
A pain so good
Put your hand in mine
Never let go
Never wake up
'Cause Im done with promises

I'm taking blood oaths
Feels like you could kiss
My imperfections
My imperfections away
And I will stand
Stand by your side
Until the sun turns the sky
All the colors I see in your eyes

I'll never need to see the sun again
There's enough light in your eyes
To light up our little world
So take me
Take me away
Kill me slowly
I'll never be the same

I swear to you
On everything I am
And I dedicate to you
All that I have
And I promise you
That I will stand right by your side
Forever and always
Until the day I die

The bite marks on my neck
Never felt so good
I'm losing control
And its all that I can do
Not to black out and
Fall into lust with you
Your kisses infect me
The dark gift is loving you

And I'll never need to see the sun again
There's enough light in your eyes
To light up our little world
So take me
Take me away
Kill me slowly
I'll never be the same

And I feel immortal
And I want to make you feel the same
So stand by me
As we immolate
We can burn in each others arms.

My Newest Dream Avi:

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Total Value: 126,857 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Summoning Tome
Belted Pants
Black Leather Belt
Black Cobweb Shirt
Black Web Strap Shoes
Rock Hard
Black Net Top
Oculus Mythica
Black Magic Cloak
Sparkling Eyes Clown Makeup
Prisoner's Ball and Chain

NOTE TO EVERYONE!!! When my back is turned, I'm mad. When I'm on my knees, I'm upset or feeling kind of low. When I'm on my knees and my back is turned, someone has either made me so upset that I'm crying or I'm really, really, REALLY pissed off.

wink If you would like to be my friend, then i will gladly accept your request. wink

biggrin Oh and a big thankies to kh.ikari, Shingami_King, and Maxlam for giving me items(u guys rock!!!) biggrin

smile Please comment before you leave. smile


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