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gaia_angelleft neutral Konichiwa!!*means hello in Japanese* names Kristina but you can call me Tia for short. I'm 21 years old *Yes, I may look 16 but I'm not*, born in Japan on June 20th *No Joke!!* >-<. I love being me and my personality *shy,forgiving, nervious, cerious, kind, kinda talkitive, random, burp and fart lmao* ^-^. I'm just looking for friends, so don't bother hitting on me. I also don't judge other people because they are just being theirselves and it's fine, just as long they becareful with their lives. I like to make people laugh and help them whenever they needed me whatever I can. I really don't like drama because it's really childish and people needs to grow up. Plain and simple. Plus it's not my business to be in it because I don't wanna be part of it. Also, I love watching and reading Anime and I don't care what people think or say, plus I'm not the only anime nerd around here. If you want anymore information about me then e-mail me if you want ^-^. Also check on me in Facebook *ask me the name* or Yahoo *Lullaby1991*, doesn't matter. Sayonara *means Goodbye in Japanese*=^-^=|: gaia_angelright