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Who Am I

Hello Gaia! It's been a very long while since I've updated anything on my profile, so allow me this small re-introduction.

I'm JD, I'm Canadian and in my mid 20's. I've been on and off Gaia for some time now due to all matter of work and life goings-on. I love writing and music and I create my own works on both fronts, though I've been in somewhat of a rut as of late. Hopefully I can meet some new (or old) people on here who can help me out. Who knows.

There's really very little to me other than my love for animals, music, anime, and relaxation. I believe if life really is as short as they say, you ought to make the best of it and use it the way you want to. Really all there is to it. Life is for everyone to enjoy and not take for granted.

...I'm rambling now, what was i talking about?

Right so that's my profile, what little there is. Enjoy your time here, or don't. But I hope you do. Leave a comment and let me know, I'll always respond.

Take it easy, eh.

Talk 2 ME!

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Fireangel911 Report | 08/01/2017 9:38 am
iAngelicChaos Report | 07/12/2017 1:36 pm
Oh, my!!! It's been quite a long time since I've logged in so you probably don't remember me.
I'm just dropping by to say hello and that it is nice to still see some people that I've RPed with is still active.
blaugh 3nodding
AlphaVonnie Report | 06/09/2016 9:49 pm
Hey hey
Lilly-Senpaii Report | 05/23/2016 9:21 am
Nm.. Hoping to find A bf c; u??
Lilly-Senpaii Report | 05/21/2016 6:38 pm
Haii c:
WolvesAndAnimeAreLife Report | 03/31/2016 6:37 pm
Not much. ^.^ Just saw you were online and wanted to say hi.
WolvesAndAnimeAreLife Report | 03/31/2016 6:34 pm
Hello friend! o3o
WolvesAndAnimeAreLife Report | 03/19/2016 7:23 pm
Yay! I'm actually using the same characters for both XP
1st one I mentioned
2nd one
Not sure if they're the kind you're into, but if you decide to join them, I look forward to rping with you! ^^
WolvesAndAnimeAreLife Report | 03/19/2016 7:11 pm
Thanks. Yeah, making characters is definitely the hardest part in an RP. But, I've gotten better at it as time goes on. I always struggle with the bio the most. >< You should get back into it! :3 We could RP together! If you want one with a real simple profile, I can send you the link... If you want that is. You don't have to. It's a really simple RP that literally JUST started a couple minutes ago and it doesn't have any fancy graphics or anything. And, then there's another simple one that you don't need to make a profile. :3 Again, ONLY if you want to lol.
WolvesAndAnimeAreLife Report | 03/19/2016 6:42 pm
Hehehe *pets Shadow* Been sick the past few days, just getting over it. Been doing a lot of rping (while listening to music of course) today.

I love meeting new people, so feel free to say hi or whatever else you want!