My name is Adina.
I'm black. but i act white as
f u c k.. (;

I pretty much love ALL races.
black people can be annoying , (;
I'm IN LOVE With Asians. i think theyre BEAUTIFUL.
I have no clue why so.. DONT ASK.
i'm like, IN LOVE With Paramore.
and almost cried when they broke up.
damn morons! Jaykay,.
But, they'll work it out.
i smell
like Fresia... ,
loud but not ignorant
an oreo but still gangstaa <3
and I
love twilight
i love piano music i just LOVE The way it sounds. it's calming ,
soothing i JUST LOVE IT.

im a cool person, but when

you push
buttons i'll get
pretty mad. S:
btw. if your a beleiber ... isoluteyou. i f u c k i n g
love HIM . <3

one of my fav songs
is bella's lullaby.

ithink its beautiful (:
if you think im cool, message me.
if not, buh-bye. (:

"I put my d i c k in your ear, and I say f u c k what you've heard.”