My name is Daniel. I'm 13 and I'm currently in Jr. High. A lot of crap from bad hair days to trying to trying to commit suicide so as you can see I am going through depression at the moment.Its horrible. *sigh* My mom thinks im going gay but im not... Im single though..... xD. Anyways.. I can be VERY random if I want to......BANANA!!! I like to text people so if you want my number then just ask ^^ Also,If you haven't noticed yet im kinda a little over obsessive about how the way things are spelled.I can understand not wanting to put apostrophes on every word but I find it annoying that some people use "TAT" instead of "THAT". Oh,I forgot to mention that I have minor OCD(Google that crap)xD. Music has played a HUGE role in my life. Music is what keeps me sane....at least mostly xD. I LOVE SCREMO,PUNK ROCK,METAL,AND TECHNO!!!!!! I am usually one of the hopeless romantics that keeps hoping for a girl that right for him but has a VERY low Self-Esteem... Lol. Also,a Big thanks to my friends on gaia and in real life for advice and also help. You helped me from love advice to telling me reasons for why NOT to kill myself. You people don't EVEN BEGIN to understand how much they've helped me. Well,im getting tired so I hopez we get to be friends. Also,Im a VERY BIG art whore xD. I loves making, and/or Receiving artz . I hope that one day I can become an artist. I love the Chatterbox. So im usually there posting random crap that some people reply strange things to biggrin . Oh,Ive recently learned that living in the past does NOTHING but hold you back. So for all you little depressed retards,Heres a saying if you think your life sucks."Life is perspective....Change your perspective." ^.^

What is your favorite:

Color//: Black and Red
Game//: Monopoly
Music Video//: A Little Piece Of Heaven By Avenged Sevenfold
Animal//: Dogs or wolves
Sport//: Soccer
Country//: Japan
Movie//: My psycho sweet 16
Food//: General Tou's chicken!


Best//: Jasmine & Mathew
Funniest//: Mathew
Coolest//: Mathew
Sweetest//: Mathew
Kindest//: Mathew
Annoyingest//: Zain but shes an Ex-Friend biggrin
Dullest//: Sarah
Stupidest//: Buddy
Most Intelligent//: Sarah
Athletic//: Cain


Boy(Girl)friend//: Girlfriend
Are you in love right now//: Yes...so madly in love...
Do you have a crush//: yes
Do you have a stalker//: I hope not. *Hides*
Do you miss someone right now//: Yes!

What do you do:

At school//: I sleep, and jump up and down, and work sometimes.
At home//: text
Outside//: sit in the sun
When you first wake up//: Prepare for the day

What do you hate

Food//: Greens Yuck
Color//: Pink
Hair color//: Blue
Tv show//: Spongebob
Clothing style//: Preppy and pink >.<
Movie//: idk

Emotions Right Now:

Are You Happy Right Now//: No
Sad//: Yes...
Grumpy//: Nope.
Annoyed//: Nope.
Angry//: Nope.
Sick//: I didn't know sick was an emotion. o.o;
Lonely//: A little.
Bored//: VERY

Have you ever:

Made your own religion//: No
Written backwards//: no
Written your own magazine//: Nope.
Drawn art//: All the time!
Got angry with a game//: Yes! All the time!
Played Lacrosse//: No
Broken a bone//: Surprisingly no xD
Dyed your hair//: No but i want to T^T
Put in contacts for no reason//: No...
Swam alone//: NEVER! WHAT IF I DROWN! D:<

Things that come to mind when you read...

Intelligence//: Glasses
Stupidity//: Broken things
Depress//: Broken Heart
Blood//: My Favorite Drink
Blue//: Teardrops
Gray//: Life
Sword//: Suicide
Golf//: Yawn
Socks//: Dirty laundry x:

Random Questions:

Play Sports, if so, what ones//: Not yet
Have a lot of friends//: Yup
Write good//: Write well. :3
Eat a lot//: All the time!
Like the day Friday//: YES!!!
Like the month December//: Yes

Do you(or are you):

(DY)Give good advice//: Sometimes
(DY)Talk crap//: Sometimes
(DY)Play a lot of games//: Yes
(DY)Wear hats//: Nope
(DY)Like to be outside//: Depends
(AY) Always mad//: No
(AY) Always happy//: Usually
(AY) A good friend//: Yus

This or that (Last questions):

Night or day//: Night
Snow or Rain//: Rain
Stars or the Moon//: Moon
Ocean or Pool//: Ocean
Boat or Plane//: Neither
Books or Magazines//: Books
Yu-Gi-Oh Cards or Pokemon Cards//: POKEMANS!
Blonde or Black Hair//: BLACK
Green or Blue Eyes//: Either one
Pants or Shorts//: Pants
Pop or Rock//: ROCK
Punk or Emo//: Emo
Tattoos or Piercings//: Piercings
Necklace or Ring//: Necklace
Clouds or No Clouds//: Clouds
Art or Literature//: Art
Jeans or Baggy Pants//: Jeans
Singing or Dancing//: Neither
March or May//: May
Halloween or Christmas//: Halloween
Coke or Pepsi//: Both!
Hug or Kiss//: Kiss

And there you have it. Me in a nut shell and a little more :3


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