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my favorite thingz

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name- Alyssa


SINGLE finally

what state i live in- california

fav sport-volleyball,soccer

I love to skateboard sometimes and i love hanging out with friend, i love to talk of course lol and my BeStIe FrIeNd is GABBI DOYEL AKA Xxtoxic_fearxX heart

White---------because im just that smexy -----
Black---------because that's how I roll. ------
Pink-----------because I'm crazy.
Red-----------because the voices told me to. ------
Blue-----------because I'm sexy and I do what I want ------
Green---------because I think I need some serious help. -------
Purple---------because I'm AWESOME! --------
Gray----------because Big Bird said to and he's my leader. --------
Yellow--------because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars
Orange--------because my family thinks I'm stupid anyway. -------
Brown---------because I can..
Other----------because I'm a Ninja! ---------
None----------because I can't control myself!

I love adventure time & spongebob and i dont care wat ppl say itz awesome

If Justin Beiber was on the edge of a six story building 70% of teenagers would be crying. 27% percent would be laughing. 3% would waste their energy running up six stories of stairs to push him off. Put this in your profile if you are part of that 3%.


SIG <3 <3 <3


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axl the azn boi Report | 11/28/2010 5:22 pm
axl the azn boi
oh nothing ive been beating up a turkey
axl the azn boi Report | 11/25/2010 7:22 pm
axl the azn boi
oh well this is my newer acc
my old one got disabled due to highscool not accpeting me inf ace book because they dont go on
and well i broke my camera and all my old pics are now kinda gone
so i using the temporary one i will ge ta pic though once i get a good quality cam
axl the azn boi Report | 11/23/2010 7:19 pm
axl the azn boi
okay that narrows it down tooo 3 ppl....
ones in black and white basically
anothes in a yellow dress and another one with 1 earring

okay and a** for the ridgecrest hint.....

i think i found yaaa
axl the azn boi Report | 11/23/2010 7:15 pm
axl the azn boi
okay ill try
axl the azn boi Report | 11/20/2010 3:59 pm
axl the azn boi
ummm a picture description
cause theres a loooot of Alyssa Spikes

or u can jsut send me the pciture ur using
and i think perhaps the city might be useful
axl the azn boi Report | 11/18/2010 4:11 pm
axl the azn boi
oh yeah like totattlly
though my orgional got disabled(made a new one)
soo now i gotta re add allll 200 friends
and so far i got 17

faust nguyen
i got a substitute pic of ryuuk and L
axl the azn boi Report | 11/17/2010 4:28 pm
axl the azn boi
hey there
man tis been months!!
l Prince Danny l Report | 08/18/2010 12:22 pm
l Prince Danny l
xXx_Linny-Chan_xXx Report | 07/25/2010 6:24 pm
hello im a random person saying hi O_o plz comment back cause im bored
Lettinglovebleedred Report | 07/25/2010 2:42 pm
idk its jus a nice name blaugh


Premier_Davidovich on 12/23/2020

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hey u guys if u want to hit me up on facebook as Alyssa Spikes im always on i think lol