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Ayoo ; Am sittinq ova hea Sad riqht Noww. Jess isz Leavinqq me . && Ima miss Duh shid OUtta hea. Me && her Tiqhter dhen Two peaz In a Podd, A fat Kid in Spandex, && A virqins Vuhjayjay. ,We most Deff unserparatblee. Dis be Mah ride Or die slash Potna in Crime riqht Hea. It seems Like ive Known ha Since fuhevaa . && Me && Ha juszt Be qoofinqq Off && Lauqhinqq our Asses off Ova duh Silliest Ish. There was Never A time She cudnt Have meh Lauqhinqq & &everytime I talkedd To ha There was A smile On mahh Facee. Buhh we Always hadd So much Fun toqetha. I remember When we Wud be Upp two Induh Morn commentinqq each Otha back && forth. If you Look n Ha commentsd over Half of dhem Are from Me . Lmaoo . We arquedd About who's Bf was Cuterr . oh Yeahz Remember Im sponqie && Your krusty. && Jess remember Dhat qun ? ROFL . insiders You will Neva qett . Deres more To usz Goofinqq Off doee. wheneva I wud Be qoinq Krazii missiqq Duh ish Outta Ha. She was Always heaa. She neva Left Mah sidee && She always Been hea qivinqq Meh advicee && Ishh. I was Always hea Fuh ha No matter What && Ima alwayss Be hea Fuh haa. I miss Ha so Much && Itss like Drivinqq me Krazii knowinqq Im barely Ever qoinqq To talk To ha.Me && ha Juszt qreww Madd closee. She isz Honestly like A sister To me && Im qlad That i At least Did qet A chance To meet Ha && Fuh ha T be A part Of mah Life. She isz Truely the Bhestest && I cudnt Ask fuh Anywun better Then haa. She isz My Bhestiee .Mah ride Or diee. Mahh Krusty . Mahh sisterr. Mahh Other halff. Am lovinqq Her So much && Jess you Dnt know How much Ima miss You. Never forqet Me cuz I know That never in mah Life will I fuhqet You . Dam am Sittinqq hea Writinqq this Hack && Im missinqq You already :[ Wish you Wasnt leavinqq Buhh at Least you Gettinq on Everyonce IN awhile for Me && Im satisfiedd With that . Well yeah We had So many Memories Toqetherr && Had so Much fun Toqether. I Dnt ever Remember us qettinqq IN one Arqumentt . Cuz we Cool like dhat. Buhh yeah i Love you . Hope you Never forqet Mee. && I really Do hope You will Come back . Buh ima Wrap dis Upp . Love you Krusty <33333 neva Fuhqet Me - Tashera .

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