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Hello my name is Gary life is hell but whatever make the best of it live it up live it down no regrets no remorse call me what you want call a lying a*****e I don't give a rats a** what You think of me anymore I don't wanna feel guilty for feelings I've caused bc I guarantee I'm not the first to hurt someone and I don't care you don't have a right to talk bc you hurt me just as bad And I know who I am honest sensitive caring person who if you know me ill look out for you but whatever call me what you want everyone gets pushed down eventually some choose to stay Down and cry about it but I chose to get back up and punch that b***h in the face bc I wont take anyone's s**t anymore.

As I sit in silence
Blade raised to my arm
With a quick motion my mind races
I think what have I done and why have I done it
Its bc of you and every horrible thing That you have done
You cause so much pain and sorrow in my heart and guess what
My heart says this b***h I won't stand for ur s**t any ******** more

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yeah it's me

I Love you sooo much!