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Birthday: 02/06/1993

Occupation: Norse God

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Thor's father Odin decides his son needs to be taught humility and consequently places Thor (without memories of godhood) into the body and memories of an existing, partially disabled human medical student, Donald Blake. After becoming a doctor and thoroughly believing himself to be the young surgeon Blake, he later discovers Thor's disguised hammer and learns to change back and forth into the Thunder God. The real Blake's persona remains elsewhere until many years later, after Odin becomes satisfied of Thor's humility and lifts the spell, thereby removing the need for a mortal alter ego.
Being the son of the Elder Goddess Gaea, Thor has a natural affinity for Earth and feels obliged to protect the mortals that occupy it. Thor's time on Earth is marked by battles against supervillains, monsters, cosmic beings, and even other gods.
Thor's principal foe is his adopted brother Loki, who has hated Thor since childhood. Although a master of magic, Loki usually avoids direct confrontations for fear of angering Odin. He is discreetly responsible for the creation and awakening of three of Thor's principal foes: the Absorbing Man, the Wrecker, and the Destroyer. On one noteworthy occasion, Loki's tactics are accidentally beneficial - although successful in using the Hulk to draw Thor into battle, it results in the formation of the superhero team the Avengers, of which Thor is a founding and longstanding member.
When Thor intervenes in the affairs of Earth, it has major repercussions. After reluctantly assuming the throne of Asgard, Thor sees mortals at their worst and reshapes the world in his image. A nightmarish future follows as Thor and the Asgardians conquer Earth and slay or imprison those who oppose them, including a young religious mutant called Davis; Zarrko the Tomorrow Man; Perrikus of the Dark Gods; the U.S. Government, and even his fellow Avengers. He marries Amora (the Enchantress), and has a son, Magni. Wracked with guilt, Thor is eventually drawn into a final battle with Tarene and a Desak-occupied Destroyer in a time travel bid to undo what he has done.
When the timeline is reset, Loki revives Surtur, who forges new uru hammers for Loki's Storm Giant followers and begins Ragnarok, "the twilight of the gods". Thor learns that the Ragnarok cycle is the result of self-styled "gods to the gods" known as Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, who feed on the cycle. Thor confronts the Norns (Fates), breaking the Ragnarok cycle, and then enters a stasis, sleeping "the sleep of the gods." With his fate unknown to the Avengers, he is believed to be missing in action.
Thor's hammer Mjolnir is found on Earth and put under U.S. Army protection. Sometime later, the supervillain Doctor Doom is escaping from Hell as Mjolnir falls through that dimensional plane, and tries unsuccessfully to claim the hammer, which eventually comes into the possession of a man carrying a bag with the initials "D.B".
Donald Blake, upon touching the hammer Mjolnir, is transported to the void of non-existence in which Thor now resides. Blake explains that when Odin originally removed the Blake persona from Thor, Blake was consigned to the void that Thor now inhabits. When Thor entered that void, Blake was suddenly restored to being, in New York City. Blake convinces Thor to wield Mjolnir once more, return to Earth, and renew the dual identity with Blake. Blake also reveals that Thor's fellow Asgardians are actually not dead but hidden on Earth.
Thor rebuilds Asgard in Oklahoma (paying for the land with Asgardian treasure), learns of the events of the Civil War and is angered that Tony Stark and others used his DNA to create a Thor clone (which subsequently kills Bill Foster in a battle between pro and anti-registration heroes). Thor accepts an offer by Stark for Asgard to be considered a foreign embassy, with diplomatic immunity granted to its inhabitants. Thor searches for his fellow Asgardians,] and restores each with the exception of Sif, who is trapped in an old woman's body and escapes Thor's notice. The Thunder God eventually searches for his father, and locates Odin in Valhalla, waging constant battle with the fire demon Surtur. Odin advises his son that Thor must lead the Asgardians.
In the limited series Secret Invasion, the character rescues and heals ally Beta Ray Bill, who after being temporarily given Mjolnir, aids Thor in a battle against an invading force of alien Skrulls. Thor also participates in the final battle against the Skrull forces, and is forced to sacrifice Avenger ally the Wasp.
Due to a deception by Loki, Thor battles and kills his grandfather Bor, and is banished from Asgard. With Thor gone, Loki convinces his fellow Asgardians to transport Asgard to Latveria, the home of Doctor Doom.[24] As Mjolnir is damaged in battle with Bor, Thor seeks out Doctor Strange, who is only able to repair the hammer by transferring the Odinforce from the Thunder God to the hammer directly. The process binds the two in a symbiotic relationship. With the repaired hammer Thor is able to draw out the imprisoned Sif.

Like all Asgardians, Thor is not truly immortal but relies upon periodic consumption of the Golden Apples of Idunn to sustain his lifespan, which to date has lasted many millennia. Being the son of Odin and the elder goddess Gaea, the character is physically the strongest of the Norse gods, and has performed such feats as almost lifting the entire World Serpent[26] (stated to encircle the Earth),and hurling the Odinsword, an enormous mystical blade of incalculable weight, through a Celestial.If pressed in battle, Thor is also capable of entering into a state known as the "Warrior's Madness" ("berserksgangr" in Norse), which will temporarily increase his strength tenfold.The character also possesses virtually inexhaustible godly stamina, high resistance to physical injury such as rocket fire and falls from orbital heights[31] and superhuman speed, agility and reflexes. As the Norse god of Thunder, Thor can summon the elements of the storm (lightning; rain; wind; snow) and uses Mjolnir as a tool to focus this ability.
The character is a superb hand-to-hand combatant, and also skilled in armed combat, excelling in the use of the war hammer, sword and mace. Thor possesses two items which assist him in combat: the enchanted Belt of Strength, and his mystical hammer Mjolnir. The first item doubles Thor's strength and endurance[32] while the second is used to control his weather abilities; flight,[33] energy projection and absorption; dimensional apertures; matter manipulation and the most powerful of his offensives, the God Blast and the Anti-Force.
After Odin's death, Thor inherited his father's power, the Odinforce. Thor becomes capable of feats such as reconstructing the Earth's Moon, willing the Asgardian monster Mangog into nothingness and, by focusing his entire power into a hammer throw, decapitating a Desak-occupied Destroyer. Thor also acquires mastery of the Runes, and a level of enlightenment that allows him to free Asgard from the eternal cycle of Ragnarok..

As Donald Blake he is a highly trained and licensed physician and surgeon.

When Mjolnir is damaged, the Odinforce is transferred by Doctor Strange from Thor to the hammer, as the power is required to restore it.
(Thors bio as told by wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thor_(Marvel_Comics))


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