hello all!
my name`s crystella [KRi STEL LAH] but ya`ll can call me HiKARi
i`m KHMER. oh yes` khmer pride ! x]
i'vee got some awesome cousins` named RyRy and Shortii, err that`s what they go by... and we're called DA CiNGULAR BAR. yeah ... it's a RANDOM name. but what can i say ? i like random things. [:

hm....let`s see...some of my interests are...i like to draw...drawin` is one of my favorite things to do...i also like to write...poetry and stories. i fantasize...err however you spell it! (And i call myself a writer) i like anime and magna...they're the best. x] music is ONE of my everythings. can't live without it. [:

wells....that's all i really got to say about my boring self. >.> oh well...please leave a comment [8