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An optimist is a person who sees only the lights in the picture, whereas a pessimist sees only the shadows. An idealist, however, is one who sees the light and the shadows, but in addition sees something else: the possibility of changing the picture, of making the lights prevail over the shadows.

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Rest in peace Morrison...

When the serpent appears, his head is ten feet long and five feet wide. He has one red eye and one green eye. He's deadly and he's seven miles long. As he moves -- on his scales is written all the history of the world, all people, all actions, all of us our little pictures on the scales, God it's big! -- and it's eating as it moves all the time, devouring, digesting consciousness, power, a monster of energy !We must kiss the snake on the tongue, if it senses our fear, it will eat us instantly. But if we kiss it without fear, the snake will take us through the garden and out the gate. To our freedom -we must ride this snake. To the end of time.


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qface64x Report | 03/25/2012 7:18 pm
One Foot Wonder Report | 10/21/2009 3:43 pm
One Foot Wonder
My GT is EastSideJihad lmao dont ask...
One Foot Wonder Report | 10/21/2009 3:37 pm
One Foot Wonder
Yea, add me!

Sorry for the late response. xp
Half blood_Miakya Report | 08/26/2009 7:31 pm
Half blood_Miakya
Thanks for the buy
x-LidoFreeze Report | 05/29/2009 4:49 pm
thankyouu <3
x_ R u b b e n Report | 05/29/2009 4:42 pm
x_ R u b b e n
Sorry,I don't want to make you read all of the post so I'll comment you.
May I please have the Cloud?I'm getting it for my friend.
It would kind of you.
qface64x Report | 04/28/2009 2:12 am
qface64x Report | 04/14/2009 3:59 pm
what you left gaia gonk
qface64x Report | 03/28/2009 11:04 pm
lady haruko were are are you D;
qface64x Report | 02/21/2009 11:24 am
oh ok i see

Siggy <3

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Rest in peace Morrison
I love you


//.Death lies on her like an untimely frost, upon the sweetest flower of all the field.