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The name is ché·rie : scream it, shout it, sing it. i turn fifteen on may twenty-second 2011. you can see a story in my eyes. i'm someone you could really fall in love with♥ softball & field hockey are my games smile my mistakes consist of waiting too long and being too late. I]
jesus is my savior; i know what my knees are for. my best friends set me right. i'll try to brighten your day even if i can't brighten mine. I’m different than everyone else in this world. i try to put one foot in front of the other. i will tell it to you straight and i know how to take care of myself. its best to be yourself. i don't let my feelings show; so I avoid getting hurt. Class of two-thousand-fourteen, at Winslow Junior High. i am haunted by self-doubt. i survive by my friends, i'll always have your back no matter what. i'll always leave you craving more<3
by the way, i am not one to just put my number right there----------->so if you want it ask:]
peace out<3333

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kaitlyn says: i wub cherie.marie.sloan ohh soo mucchh! shes amazingg in every wayy! shes there for anyone even if you donttt wanna talk. shes there to listen and trust me everyone needs someone like that. she can make you laugh even when you dont wanna smilee. shes a best friend anyone could ask for and all her friends love her; its kinda hard not too. she can tell when something is wrong at the second she looks at you. its pretty incredible. if you dont meet her, thats your loss not herss. she has guy problemmss, and theres no curee<3 but apparently the guys dont understand when she says shes happily_single! she has too many problems<33333 ohh and she still didnt make me that listt! ahaha. she doesnt take crap from no one so dont give her a reason to hate you. she speaks her mind and shes not afraid of what you think of her. shes athletic and loves every part of it. she plays field hockey and softball(: you can count on her for anything and everything and she wont let you down. shes gorgeouss! and she doesnt believe any compliments she getss which pisses me off<3 she doesnt think she pretty at all. and she gets really smileyy when we talk about guys she likes. ittss soo funnny. she has the guts to talk to guys for her friends but when it comes to her talking to guys she likes she getss soo nervous. haha<333 when she gets hyper. . .OMGG!! she goes insane! you would never think that she would do the things she doess. itss hilariouuss!!! shes a! she has tons of friends that love her to death and would do anything for her, she would do the same for themm. we have soo many memoriess that are unforgettableee. haha texas rode housee!! that waasss hilariouss! basically shes a pretty amazing person! and its a reward to know her. ohh shes soo sexyy! haha love you forever and alwayysss!<3[:
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