Well, my name is Skyllar. I live in Colorado and im 14. I have strawberry blonde hair blue eyes. Most of the people at school hate me. Oh well.... Oh and i have a twin brother, identical. He has and account on here, his usernameis mad xxsilent_deathxx .He just got it. Ill upload pics of him later. His name is Tyler. I hate myself... whats new.. cause i cant believe its really over. I dont care about Thomas.. i still love Skyler.
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AFI (isnt davey pretty!)- "Miss Murder"
Three Days Grace- "Pain"
30 Seconds to Mars -"The Kill"
Simple Plan- "Perfect"
Lostprophets- "Burn Burn"
Finch- "What it is to burn"
Panic at the Disco - "I write sins not tragedies"
Ppl who dont hate emos nd goths
emos nd goths

ppl who hate emos nd goths
ppl who think i should die bcause im emo
everycolor except black, red, and gray.

I have awsome friends, Raine, Michelle, Brenna , and Jo. They are awsome and have accounts on here XD you guys rok! I have a website... if possible id really appreciate it if you visited it:
i updated it recently so everything should b newish. Thank You!

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Heres a poem... i like it do u? comment. my fav poem i wrote.

Look at the emo girl
Do you see her cry
She cant ever sleep
And sometimes wants to die

She sits in her room
Cutting her wrists
She sits all alone
Taking those hurtful hits.

She hides behind her hair
And wears all black clothes
Her heavy black eyeliner
She’s a girl nobody knows

She’s not accepted
And thinks she never will be
Her little black journal
She says “it understands me”

She writes about him
In all those love notes
And all those times when
What got crushed was her hopes

She wishes he’d see her
And know her name
To hug her and reveal
That he feels the same.

She listens to music
The kind that is woeful
She feels kind of better
And a little bit hopeful

The music is soothing
Inside and out
She feels understood
But there’s still a little doubt

She puts on a mask
When she’s around you
And hides all her scars
So her sadness wont bleed through

She cannot trust anyone
And do you know why
The ones who said “I’ll be there”
Ended up making her cry

Here heart has been broken
Time after time
Its so bruised and beat up
You would think it’s a crime

No-one would notice
If she were to drown
Why would they save her
All she does is frown

She hates her life
And doesn’t know what to do
She wishes the sky
Would just finally turn blue

She stands in the rain
Just so that you wont see
That she is crying
“Just let me be me”

She’s sick of the pushing
And shoving around
She’s sick of everybody
Just putting her down.

You don’t know your place
Or what your doing to her
All you really want
Is her sadness to stir

I bet you cant see
What she feels inside
And the reason she’s quiet
Is so that she can hide

Your clueless now
And you’ll never see
That the emo girl is,
And will always be me.

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hey member me long time no see ^^

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hey. can u tell me ways to earn gold?
angry badger over there

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angry badger over there

Heyy User Image

What pic?

You're twin is going to come in your room today, dress up in all your clothes and watch you in your sleep for 4 hours 37 minutes and 26 seconds.

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i no.just playin.but i am.

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hi hi!! just wanted to let you know that tommy (my cousin whose name isn't important)(oh wait...i just mentioned his name...)Anyways, his gaia is silverblaster

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dude ur freakin awesome im a goth too

Report | 09/29/2008 1:20 pm


copy/paste this to 10 ppl then prees f5 and f9 at the same time you will get 100,000 gold it really rocks trust me

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i dont mind im not emo.

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And what makes you so special?

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hey im a crew member in the guild ur in and i didnt forget u,,,lol

but seriously could u post on the forum we would appreciate it!


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