Well short story, My name is Ada I'm 18 I am indeed a Tomboy I would say I would only wear a skirt if its an important moment, I don't wear makeup but right now I'm trying to go threw the woman phase of make up <_< when I'm in a computer I prefer to type in english than spanish, been used to it so yeah.
I love my friend's they're an important matter in my life, were ever it's Real life friends or internet friends. I'm bisexual and I have a girlfriend which I love. x0xcrushed <33 I'm a person that if i get insulted I speak my mind out that is if I really feel insulted because half the things a NORMAL person can insult aint that insulting ;o. I'm a goofball, I like the word Piezor no I don't like your mom, I wont touch your girlfriend o.O, I love hugging trees <33 I Love Hats. and I Hate eating Banana's. Ok Here I Will Put The Name Of Friends Who Have Changed My Life In A Way.

Abigail: She Has Change My Life In Oh So Many Ways, She's Been A Pretty Awesome Friend Not Most People Accept Me For Who I Am, Wish Is Why Mostly I Stay Away From People. She Has Made Me Laugh In So Many Ways =.=; [Yes That Sounded Wrong] No Not That Kind Off Thing Way... But Thanks To Her I Am Who I Am, Because She Changed Me Into Telling People The Truth, She Changed Me Into My Personality That Has Changed, She Calls Me Everyday To Say Weird Stuff But I Appreciate It Because It Shows She Cares, And I'm Always Here For Her <3

Darylin: My English Teacher! I Love Her So Much, My English Has Gotten Better Thanks For Her, I Talk To Her Like EVERYDAY Since I Wake Up Till I Go Down To My Bed... o_O Her Weirdness It's What Makes Me Love Her So Much xD It's Just Hilarious, Although I'm Planning To Meet Her Pretty Soon... I Swear I Will Chase Her Down... Till I Can Actually Bear Hug Her <3

Jasmin: I Love Her, She's My Life, She's My Everything, Without Her I Am Nothing. She Has Showed Me I Can Truly Love Someone Even If It's An Internet Relationship, I Just Truly Can't Live Without Her >.< Theirs No One In This World Who I Would Love To Spend My Time With Forever >.< Even If Nothing Actually Last Forever And The Love Flees Away At Some Point, But I Promise You I Will Always Love You.

Charna: She Has Been There For Me, Giving Me Good Advice, Even If She Says They're Lies =O I Love Her A Lot.. I Want To Poke Her To Death >:] But She Doesn't Let Me T.T;; Hoe =/ I Luff Ch00 xD <33

Desiree: My First Friend Who's A Girl <3 Love You Always =]

Carlos: My Comedian First Guy Friend Ever <3 Luff Ch00 Also. Thank You All For Being There For Me =] It Means A Lot. I Can Always Trust My Friends, Having The Truth Always O.O

Melan!: Very Funny Serial Killer, I met her while I was fishing with my friend Olivia! ;o and yeah.. ;o Piezor R Us.