Hello You Gaia Stalkers;
Lucky You Veiwd My Page Well Cuz Im Freggin Legit, Anywho..My Names Oreo, Imma Photographer, I Live In Wisconsin USA. and I HATE It, My Dream Place Is Miami Florda, I Am Currently Single And I Dont Know What I Want Anymore. Yes Im Bisexual, That Means, I LIKE p***s AND v****a.! Dont Like It.? Hop Off My Page. You Add Me, You Talk To Me, Im Easy To Get To Know Alsoo Quite Random, Im Mature, When I Wanna be Or Who Im Around With, I meet So Meny New People Offline And On. Idk You Should Just Talk To Me[: My Addictions Are: Randen Cortez,Spongebob Show, Winki Faces, Photography, Chatting, And Blah blah Blah, IM NOT Your Typical Girl, Im Some1 Different Just Stick Around Leya Be Friends Forever ;D GOT....

Yahoo.?--- oreo755 @ yahoo . com
AIM.?>--- oreorexoreo

You're not BR00T4L. Your not HxC. Your last name is not Cullen. Your last name is not Sykes. Your last name is not Way. Chances are you don't wear prada. You didnt kill the prom queen. Nobody is going to bring you the horizon. Nobody is going to PANIC! at your disco. Chances are your not metal either. Only fags do the scene claw now go die But Before You Do..

NOW ADD THEM AND TALK TO ME.!I Dont Bite, i Lick[: Anyways Be My Stranger[;