Hiyo! Well, hmm... seein' as how y'all seem to wanna know about me, I guess maybe I should say something, hmm? well... I'm Ebony, and yes, I am Canadian, Eh? Canadian chicks rock!!! What else, hmm, let's see.... The love of my life is my BF.. I often refer to him as crazy crow, but here he's known as LostKnight... anyways.... I'm an artist and a writer, but no, I don't have anything posted... yet... all my drawings are pencil, I don't work with the computer cause I'm technologically challenged ...hmm... I guess that would be it... oh ya! except the warning... For those of you who don't know me, I'm crazy... it's nothing to be frightened of, but I am... sometimes it's pretty funny... ya... well, there ya go


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Her words pour from her lips like pools of liquid Ebony...


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who are you?

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hello my sister! Liking the new outfit...t'is a little incomplete though, me thinks.... oh well still looks great! bye bye now my sister!

Report | 10/30/2005 5:57 am


he he i like zee bunnies or should i say grunnies? no matter looking at you right now on web cam... your so beautiful and like you said we shall be rich yet!

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Boo everyone!


Her words fall from her lips like pools of liquid Ebony...

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