Things ill say

likes: girls, t.v, video games, and just chilling with friends

dislikes: hate it when ppl disrespect me its starting to get annoying

current mood: scared and afraid

catch frace: buk lau

alot of people seem to think that my life is perfect and tht im a perfect child,that i do everything that my parent tell me to do and i dont follow the crowd and tht im always happy...well not all of it is true...thats what i want them to believe cuz im afraid...afraid how they will look at me if they know the truth afraid of if they will still be my friends or not or if they will even look my way at all...i put on an "act" so that they wont know the true me...the one who always gets into fights the one who always smokes the one who messed up his entire life just for some stupid....i wont say but i will say that on the inside im weeping feels like im crying for help but no ones there to answer...thats who i really am