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My NaMe Is BrOoKe.
I aM NOT a PrEp.ThOsE ThINgS aNnOy ThE cRaP oUt Of MeH.
YeS i CaN Be RaNdOm At TiMeS. > biggrin
I aM bI SeXuAl. =]>()
I aM a TeEnAgEr! YESH!!!!
I aM nOt InTeReStEd In NoIsE oThErWiSe KnOwN aS HiP HoP AnD R&B
I aCuAlY LiStEn To ReAl MuSiC sUcH aS...
Screamo, metal, heavy metal, clasical rock, and rock.
REAL music. c: Not computer animated
No offence o__o
I aPsLuTeLy GeT aNnOyEd WiTh PeOple WhO dO NoT uSe CoRrEcT GrAmMeR.
i LoVe : Gummy bears and werms, music, friends, chocolate ANYTHING, the colors black,purplle,grean, and yellow, i love orenge,grape and punch soda.
ThAnKs FoR rEaDiNg ThIs!!! I LOVE YOU!! xD

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Black, Depression, Misery...


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Inexact Mist

” My one that will never come true “ I wish I had a boy who will call me beautiful instead of hot. He’ll call me every morning just to know how I’m doing and if I slept well. He will dance with me in the middle of the floor when no one else is dancing. On his birthday, he’ll buy me roses. He’ll wait outside in the pouring rain just so he can see me. He’ll win me stuffed animals from a vending machine in Dairy Queen. He’ll throw me into the pool, and then jump in behind me when both of us still have our clothes on. When I cry, he’ll tell me I’m too gorgeous to and kiss every tear. He’ll sing to me at the top of his lungs, no matter where we are. He’ll give me his favorite sweatshirt, and he’ll spray it with his cologne. He’ll write me love notes every day, and I’ll write back. I’ll be the girl he hits the homerun for, and he’ll be the guy I cheer on at every game. I’ll take his little sister shopping, and he’ll talk with my mom on the phone. When I’m having a bad day, he’ll tell me as many jokes as he can think of, and when I laugh he’ll say, “there’s that smile I fell in love with”. we’ll get out pictures taken in the photo booths at the mall, and we’ll cross our eyes and stick out our tongues in the first one, kiss for the second one, and smile for the third one. We’ll watch Veggie Tales when we’re bored, then just laugh together. We’ll jump on the trampoline at ten at night, and then just lay down and watch the moon. I’ll look through all his baby pictures and he’ll look through mine. All of his friends will know who I am because he’ll never shut up about me. We’ll have stupid contests, like who can fit the most grapes in their mouth and who can hold a stare longest. We’ll ride in the front seat of the fastest roller coaster and kiss right when they take your picture. He’ll teach me to fish, and I’ll teach him to shop. When I’m in a bad mood, he’ll buy me chocolate or just comb through my hair with his fingers, because he knows I love it. He would cry in front of me and not be afraid of what I’ll think. He’ll buy me a ring from a gumball machine, get down on one knee and say “baby, will you marry me?” When I cry, he’ll say, “who’s butt am I kicking?” He’ll tell me he loves me more than all the stars in the sky. He’ll say that he’ll love me forever, and I’ll believe him, because I know I’ll love him forever, too….but I know that one wish will /N/E/V/E/R/ come *TrUe*




My BeStEsT FrIeNdS!!! ;P