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Welcome to my domain!

My name is Dejiko Higurashi, just call me Dejiko-chan. I am 15 years old and a transfer student to a high school two cities away from where I live, where I am currently a sophomore. I live in the southeast United States, on the Gulf Coast. I am also female, if you couldn't tell. :3

My life is basically made up of computer tinkering, drawing and designing, and music. I'm even in my school's band! I play french horn and trumpet for the band, but I do play piano and spin flag on my own time. I am also in the process of producing an UTAUloid, her name being Dejiko Higurashi if you couldn't tell by my username. Another thing I'm into: writing. I read books, write creatively, and roleplay even though I hate english. :3 I hope one day I can make it into MIT and get a degree in engineering and also double major in music and composition and play horn in their concert band.
Note: I might also share audio from my band's performances in the future.

I am an artist as well, and am a coder. I'm starting to get into coding, I might start an art shop for artwork eventually.

I also roleplay! Check out my running roleplay, Yukashima Academy, and Shiro's roleplay guild, Guild for unlimited RP. PM me if you want me to join yours!

My real life friends: Montero-XLS (brother figure, Kyon-kun), Luna_Robotnik (bestie, Luna-chan), JRB-RIP-JRB (senior friend from Personal Dev.), Aphrodite2today (a friend with mending bumps, Shyanna)
My awesome Gaia friends: Shiro Mikage (roleplay partner, Shiro-chan), Krasudreal Eranor Ksarth (zOMG! Partner)

There we go, that's me! At least all I will give. Let's go chat or play some zOMG! biggrin


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Shiro Mikage Report | 07/17/2015 2:02 am
Shiro Mikage
Montero-XLS Report | 03/08/2013 7:41 am
i think i have one of the thingies on your wish list......i dnt wnt it, so if i cn trade it to you you cn have it
Demented Chibi67 Report | 03/01/2013 9:10 pm
Demented Chibi67
Hahaha. Same here on the mobile part. ^^ And yes. That'd be wonderful! Thank you very much for your help ^~^
Demented Chibi67 Report | 03/01/2013 8:39 pm
Demented Chibi67
Uh huh. Alrighty then. I'm not actually too clear on forum rping so I'll just try lobbying in those. Honestly I just started rping in gaia maybe a few months ago and most of those are 1x1 cuz that's what I'm used to because before gaia I rp'd via e-mail. I'm not sure if I could make an entire guild up for it since I don't really know just how to run a guild especially by myself :/ Anywhose I'm actually in choir so that's where the idea came from and my choir is rather small but we definitely have a lot of characters. Hahaha ^~^
Demented Chibi67 Report | 03/01/2013 8:17 pm
Demented Chibi67
Hmmmm... At the moment, the only music-related guild I'm sorta in is a BOTDF one... So maybe take it to the forums and ask around in the rp guilds I'm in? And thank you. That's a bit encouraging that someone actually likes my idea^~^
Demented Chibi67 Report | 03/01/2013 4:45 pm
Demented Chibi67
Alrighties! Here it is:
Basically it's a supernatural high school (I know so overused X/) called Gakuen Jigoku where all creatures not quite 'heaven worthy' are sent to, well go to school sweatdrop Well the story basically zeros in on the choir, a zany group of talented characters who go through the usual teenage dramas (romances, embarrassment, physical education-AGH!teehee-, and whatever else) and of course a few added things since they're not exactly human. They also have a rival choir to defeat in the regional choir tournament: Gakuen Tengoku. There's school stuff, small concerts, possible talent scouts, and vigorous preparation and rehearsals for the big tournament.
Well how does that sound? question
Demented Chibi67 Report | 03/01/2013 4:23 pm
Demented Chibi67
That stinks :/ Hey. If I could... I have an idea for an rp but when I posted it in one of the guilds I'm in it didn't really take. Like no one joined. Made me sad. Haha Anywhose getting to the point... Can I tell you my idea and you tell me if it's any good and what could be improved? Feel free to say no ^~^
Demented Chibi67 Report | 03/01/2013 4:06 pm
Demented Chibi67
Your welcome^^ And I understand. My laptop doesn't have internet so I'm almost always using my phone razz Anywhosies I'll definietely check it out. The rps I'm currently in are either just starting or slowing down so... ya know.^~^
Demented Chibi67 Report | 03/01/2013 3:34 pm
Demented Chibi67
Hey! Thanks for accepting friend request! Love your avatar by the way! Hope we can rp or something sometime ^u^
Rayburtonha Report | 01/27/2013 10:28 am
Well, I have a sims for the play station 2, and one for the Xbox 360- one of the newer ones. I think I might have one for the computer. But I'm not sure xD


Want me to reply? I'm more likely to if you quote meh. :3

Come join me in my quest to defeat my roleplaying partner, Shiro Mikage, in achievement points!
Overall thread: Dejiko's Achievement Thread
Specific thread: Dejiko's Achievement Thread: DAT BIBLE! biggrin


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