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.: The Things I Want


.:C L O U D S T R I F E:.
Final Fantasy: Crisis Core

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Uh..I guess I have to tell a little about myself here? Umm..alright. Well, to start things off my name is Cloud Strife. I'm a young country boy from the not so known area of Nibelheim. (Its a small place. Quiet, but peaceful for the most part. )
I'm a pretty quiet person and is very protective over those who I care about.

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Also, I am apart of the Shinra Army. Along with my best friend Zack who, in terms of being there longer, has become a 1st Class SOLDIER. (Well, maybe it was because of his skill too. ^^; )
The reason I left my hometown was to become a SOLDIER myself. Just so I could be like the person I looked up to and honored the most. The hero of the people as well as a 1st Class SOLDIER; Sephiroth.
I am slowly working my way up to becoming one..though so far my chances are growing unlikely.

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[•] Zack~ <3
[•] My kitten 'Sunflower' [-not Fatso-]
[•] Scarves
[•] My friends and those closest to me
[•] Spending time with loved ones
[•] Tifa (childhood friend)
[•] Keeping promises
[•] My teddeh bears (Toostie and Strawberry)
[•] Fluffy things
[•] Cookies or any type of sweets
[•] Making others happy
[•] Cuddling with Zack and Aerith

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[•] Nicknames (Though...I now accept Cloudie, since /everyone/ calls me that. x3 )
[•] Being called 'cute'
[•] Those who hurt the people I love
[•] Liars
[•] Broken promises
[•] Friends in danger
[•] The inability to help loved ones
[•] People that are rude
[•] Surprise!rape
[•] People feeling upset because of something I've done

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[Now, this doesn't mean you can call me by these names! -poutgrumble- Just Cloudie. 8D; ]

Cloudie, Chocobo, Chocobohead, Chocoboface, Chobi, Baby, Doll, Spike, Spiky, Shrimp, Blondie, Parrotface, Bananaface, Cloudface, Cloudpants, Kid, Princess, Shorty, Munchkin, Cloudo, Cloud Jr., Cloudiekins, Striff, Pretty Eyes, ChocoCloud, Giggle!Cloud, Cloudy Powdy, Captian Cutie-pants, Cloudling, Kitten, Wark, Happy Man, Ukeface, Cloudie O's, Fluffy Jr., Sugar Plum, Muffin, Sunshine, Skirt Boy, Lambchops [ <-- Don't ask. :l ], Pumpkin, Pipsqueak, Ticketman, Cloudsicle and...Cutie. -twitches-

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-That Very Special Someone...-

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W-well, Zack is such a funny and wonderful person to be around. I don't think anyone could keep a conversation with him for more than two minutes and not be smiling. He is very overprotective but loving all at the same time; just like a puppy. [ Now I know why Angeal use to call him that! ] T-though he can be loud and sometimes push his limits on things....I-I couldn't of asked for a better person to be with. .///.;~

Sometimes I wonder though; why would he even hang out with someone like me? I mean, a SOLIDER like him could get plenty of cool friends and yet....h-he chooses to spend his time with me.

I-I'm really grateful for that....T-Thank you, Zack! <3

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:Random Stuff/Updates:

-♥- WOOT! I am now married to ZackFair_the_Puppy in our 7th wedding! 8D [So...my last name is Fair now? .w.? ]

-♥- Somehow or another I have a large family now! [-has no idea how it happened seeing as how...yeah. I'm a guy-] Though I love them all very much! <33!


.: Meh Tunes

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ShadowCloud_FF7 Report | 07/16/2017 8:51 pm
I don't know where you are...just know that I miss ya my friend...hope your doing well
Parkour Ninjastar Report | 02/25/2012 6:10 pm
Parkour Ninjastar
Hi Cloud! ^u^
CowboyBurger Report | 11/10/2010 4:09 pm
oh em gee!
long time no talk
Punchies Report | 09/15/2010 8:25 pm
Happy Birthday!
Melodiously M u s i c a l Report | 08/11/2010 6:09 pm
Melodiously M u s i c a l
Clouuuuud~! 8D

Look! I got a kitty too! >W<
CowboyBurger Report | 07/19/2010 10:02 pm
omg i mish u! where u been biggrin
Gilbert Nightray Report | 07/19/2010 12:58 am
Gilbert Nightray
ZackFair_the_Puppy Report | 07/18/2010 11:58 pm
You are my Sunshine, my only sunshine.
You make me happy, when skies are grey.

And..........yeah, that's all I know. biggrin DDDDDDDDDDDD


haven't you missed this spammage bb? *3* /reaches for.
Phase Transfer Cannon Report | 06/20/2010 6:27 pm
Phase Transfer Cannon
KoF RockHoward Report | 05/09/2010 9:29 am
KoF RockHoward
its me innocent_devious_angel...i've been hacked on that account. thats why im using this account and i have two other accounts. Dreamer Jaejoong and Tifa iLockheart

.: -Being Stalked-

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