Hello! My friend from school suggested I actually made at least a short bio on my profile so here it goes! (This will all be just basic stuff. Wanna know more about me? We can be friends and you'll see!^^ blaugh ):
My name is Dominique but you can call me whatever you like^^ THE LIST OF WHAT PEOPLE ADDRESSED ME THROUGHOUT THE YEARS: Naneng, Nan, Nani, Domi, Domi-chan, Domonique, Haruhi, Haru-chan, Nini, Naning, Domo
Hm... Let's see here... I'm 13, usually the youngest in my class. I don't really know how tall I am... Somewhere from 5'3-5'5... I think the last time I checked I was around 112lbs... Uwah XD xd
I have short, dark brown hair (it's like Haruhi Suzumiya's haircut biggrin ) I also wear plain, black-framed glasses, very similar to the ones on my avatar. I'm nearsighted.
I'm a major otaku X.X Love to cosplay, love to make every avatar that I have cosplay, I HAVE MY OWN SOS BRIGADE, oh my gosh XD As otakus, we live and breathe anime and manga.
Also, MUSIC IS MY LIFE!! I live and breath it as well X3 I play the piano (nothing professional, guys), and I sing. Aha, I got into LACHSA (Los Angeles County High School for the Arts)!! biggrin got into the Music Vocal department >.< oh i also like to draw oAo aha >.<
redface Heehee, I'm in love with the most AMAZING person in the world!!! biggrin he's so sweet and kind and loving and awesomesauce wahh >.< I heart him more than anything else biggrin heart
I love to help people. I love making people smile. It makes me sad (and even depresses me at times) that the majority of my friends have such a negative view on their lives and the world... I just tell them to look to God, love Him, trust Him, and lay your life down to Him. (I'm very religious as you can tell). And if you're unhappy... I'll share your pain. I may not fully understand your hardship, but I'm willing to help you carry your cross.
Well that's all for now!^^ Thank you all for taking your time to read about me. I appreciate it.
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Dullahan's Edge
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Elemental Wings

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SDPlus #28 The Masque
Picolitrosso's Urn


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Happy Birthday!!

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Heyy dominique it's ruthie
NeonxZ O M B ii

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NeonxZ O M B ii

its been awhile sense we conversed owo i miss my maid :3 lol

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LOL, thnxs!!! Ur is pretty good!
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Well hello there friend biggrin Would you like to meet up in Hollywood 3 perfect2010's room?
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Sorry I didn't come back D: The world thing got disconnected I'll make my own hollywood 3 my room biggrin
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Kaito Kazuki

where are you??? my dear little girl sad
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scream FINALLY rofl rofl "A real Otaku girl" rofl rofl
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moshi moshi rofl

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me needz gold...>.<