Hello an welcome to my profile. Not much to know, Just that I am an avid gamer from MN as well as a fan of anime. Usually can be found in towns 2 if not sitting somewhere in towns 1. If you need to know more then just pm me.

PSN ID: JLDeepeyes
3DS FC: 5413-0553-7964
Kik: (pm me for it)
Skype: andy87cloud@outlook
Discord mad xCloud21xx #6230
IMVU: same as my gaia, or if u want my old one to add its EdwardCullen1918 (dumb name I know crazy ex made it, can't freaking stand those fairy an yes the vampires in twilight are fairy's)
Have facebook though I hardly go on it much other then to post a few times a month otherwise hardly on it. While on the PSN ( playstation network) am usually to be found in Destiny.

Name Cloud
Age Unknown
Weapon All types of blades
Skill Mastery of arcane an ki
An unknown figure appearing in the history of gaia. Tales speak of him appearing in every war to turn the tide for those he deem's worthy. During the first Vampire war he was instrumental in defeating the hordes of Vladimir, by betraying his own. History is unsure if Cloud is his real name or if it is that of one of his former allys that he had to put down to protect a young female soldier, an in doing so changed his life forever. A skilled swordsman by trade, he has also mastered his inner power being able to fire powerful blasts using his own energy, the energy known as ki as well as having the use of the arcane arts. History has also seen him being able to summon demonic forces, now known as the eidoloins or more commonly known as GF's (espers or guardian forces) to aid him. His skills with blades has even expanded to his capabilities of infusing them with his arcane arts thus becoming a powerful spell blade adding its abilities to his impressive list. His connection to the Triad, shows he has even eliminated multiple threats who claimed dominance over the world forcing them to all hide in the shadows.