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Orlando Rose on 09/19/2021

1k+ Hours in this game~



xXBlue ChaosXx's avatar

Last Login: 01/22/2022 12:29 pm

Birthday: 02/20/1997

Item collecting

Upon the Fallen (Complete)
Live My Day (Complete)
SDPlus Gaian I Flavour of Life I (Missing 1 - Forever unobtainable)
Blazing Blitz (Ongoing)
Unconditional Affliction (Ongoing)

About me, I guess

Hey hey, Im Blue, Da ba dee- ...Ahem. Nice to meet you.
Im 24, Female - She/He/They (Dont care)
Im pretty friendly, most times. Dont be afraid to shoot me a PM!

Im really bad at talking about myself, Im not that interesting anyways. I spend most (all) of my time indoors playing my switch or 3DS. I also like puns and bad jokes.

Im mostly on gaia for the avatar making. I will constantly be buying new items and making new avis and it is often that I will change my avi every two or three days. Sometimes per day. My virtual wallet cries.

You will often find me in zOMG, or lurking around an wanted/unlisted item thread. ninja

I do digital art/anime for fun but I am a hardcore procrastinator and have such a huge lack of motivation. Yayyy go me.

I love cats.