All you need to know
~ hates boring things
~ hates not getting enough attention ( imma pet to peopleZ dramallama )
~ in love with horror movies
~ likes villains instead of hero's
~ Resident evil
~ Rock music forebah not rap.... except emin3m
~ talks to myself alotz
~ Thinks about art
~ can draw and listens to music alot ( you can't see me without my headphones on XD )
~ And i can be very bi polar, afraid of tight spaces and finally i can draw cartoons, not people... no people sucks
~ believe in the greek gods
~ think that some people need to be who they are and not follow people around, like preps yeah im talking to them! no haters to goths or such, my peeps are kinda like them, except weirder, not tooo weird just family weird.