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So yeah.. I don't know what possessed you to come to my page, let alone read this, but Hai! You can call me Wolfie, Star, Ambear, Alex, or whatever you want really. I have a lot of names, so I don't really care. I like dragons, wolves, cats, Pokemon, and a whole lot of other things. I mainly spend my time reading or playing video games, although I do occasionally write stuff, or go out and do other things. If you want, you can PM me for whatever reason, I'll respond... eventually. For the most part, I don't come on Gaia very often... It's usually just when I get extremely bored, or I want to relive old memories from years long since passed. Sooo... yeah. If you actually read all this, I'm surprised. You get 1 free virtual cookie. Myah. Buh Bye.

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I adopted a chibi!
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Dislikes:Everything I hate
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