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About Me

Name : Ash
Nick Name : Ash Bash
Birthdate : 28/09/97
Birthplace: chelmsford
Current Location: Galleywood
Eye Color: Brown!!
Hair Color: blonde
Height: don't no
Weight: dunno
Piercings: none
Tatoos: none
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: yes....well ex girlfriend
Vehicle: no
Overused Phrase: boo hoo
Food: pie and mash with veg TASTY
Pub/Disc/Restaurant: mcdonalds's
Candy: marshmallow
Number: 9
Color: red
Animal: cat
Drink: milkshake yummy
Body Part on Opposite sex: don't no
Perfume: lynx
TV Show: family guy and south park
Music Album: lots
Movie: rush hour 1,2,3
Actor/Actress: peter griffin
This or That
Pepsi or Coke: pepsi
McDonalds or BurgerKing: mcdonalds
Chocolate or Vanilla chocolate
Hot Chocolate or Coffee: hot chocolate
Kiss or Hug: both
Dog or Cat: both
Rap or Punk: none
Summer or Winter: both
Scary Movies or Funny Movies: both
Love or Money: both
Bedtime: maximum 00:00
Most Missed Memory: forgot
Best phyiscal feature: hair
First Thought Waking Up: omg morning noooo
Ambition: awesome life
Best Friends: ash,din,liam and nathan
Weakness: nuts
Fears: flling down stairs and heights
Longest relationship: 2 months
Cheated Your Partner: nope
Ever been beaten up: kind of
Ever beaten someone up: no
Ever Shoplifted: nope
Ever Skinny Dipped: nope
Ever Kissed Opposite sex: yep.....well nearly
Been Dumped Lately: nope not wat i no of
Favorite Eye Color: blue
Favorite Hair Color: blonde
Short or Long: medium
Height: 5ft
Style: fit
Looks or Personality: sexy and kind
Hot or Cute both
Muscular or Really Skinny: medium
What country do you want to Visit: china
How do you want to Die: don't cares :/
Been to the Mall Lately: yh
Get along with your Parents: hell yh
Health Freak: dunno
Do you think your Attractive: don't no
Believe in Yourself: na
Want to go to College: yh
Do you Smoke: no
Do you Drink: not sure
Shower Daily: yh but no
Been in Love: hell yh
Do you Sing: no
Want to get Married: hell yhh
Do you want Children: yes
Age you wanna lose your Virginity: 18
Hate anyone: yep
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swagginPRINCESSIII Report | 06/25/2009 3:52 am
you seem very nice maybe we could meat up sometime!!!!my name is kayla just text back!!!!
II DAVIS II Report | 03/21/2009 7:47 am
you go to marketplace and you trade for me coal gunner coat
cecil nami 14 Report | 03/02/2009 7:42 pm
cecil nami 14
copy/paste this to 10 ppl then prees f5 and f9 at the same time you will get 100,000 gold it really rocks
jaggyboots Report | 02/25/2009 8:58 am
yo brother go on turn pike my room k
Whiskey Dad Report | 02/23/2009 6:34 am
Whiskey Dad
sup bro
xX_ZiuZia_Xx Report | 02/20/2009 1:00 am
o o l3ubbles o o Report | 02/18/2009 6:05 pm
o o l3ubbles o o
sorry but no. . . i kinda bought two i cause i needed both
iiN3koMia Report | 02/18/2009 3:10 pm
im 16 and ok??
xAvangelinex Report | 02/18/2009 4:00 am
Begging is not a recommended thing to do in Gaia. There is a better way to get donations. If you found me through my charity, you need to read the rules and fill out an application.
o o l3ubbles o o Report | 02/17/2009 2:48 pm
o o l3ubbles o o
kwl and thankz



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