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Hi,My NaMe Is AlLiE.mY bEsTiE fRiEnDs ArE Heather(bug), aNd Tay Tay!
(oOo Heather oOo , dennytaylor36.) My HoBbIeS iNclUdE cRaFtInG,ReAdInG,
ThInKiNg,FalLiNg AnD tAlKiNg To MySeLf.

I aM vErY oDd.PlZ aDd Me AnD mY bFfS ThOuGh.My FaV cOlOr iS bLaCk,PiNk,
AnD blue.I lOvE lAnCe JoHnSoN aNd DaMoN SaLvAtOrE,bAcK oFf ThEy aRe BoTh MiNe ! ThAnX 4 ViSiTiNg My PrOfIlE