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o Blue Dragon o on 02/12/2018

Something About me

Well then lets get to the specifics about yours truly~

gaia_nitemareleft My name is Nina Agelvis, if you have trouble saying my last name just pronounce it as "A Hell Beast" and you pretty much got it = u =
gaia_nitemareleft Lets age....I'm 21 nothing special
gaia_nitemareleft Sorry Peeps but I am taken by Jacques Zwielich~ He doesn't have a Gaia account but ish ok with me = u= BUT ON HERE I AM MARRIED TO THE BEAUTIFUL BELA~ SHE IS MY HEART AND SOUL~ (she is still single though....but no googly eyes on my Darling or I'll gorge your head on a spike)
gaia_nitemareleft I am a Drama major studying in UCI (UC IRVINE)! No I am not an actor!! *dramatic hair flip* I am studying to be a Lighting Designer~ Hopefully designing for dance shows such as Cirque du Sol, or fashion run way shows.
gaia_nitemareleft I been playing harp for nearly 10 years now but I had to stop because of the work load for theater but I still try to get my practice in there once in a while~
gaia_nitemareleft I also draw too! I might draw some avi art while I'm at it but not right now cause of all the sh*t load I got but defiantly during the summer!
gaia_nitemareleft I LOVE TO COSPLY = u = Yes I love watching anime and reading manga collection is piling up... I like Horror, Action, and Romance animes/mangas...MAINLY HORROR DOE....I need my blood = u=
gaia_nitemareleft I am a gamer girl....NO NOT THOSE DUMB ASSES THAT f*ckING JUST PLAY COD AND sh*t = -= Although I am somewhat new to the PC gaming world I still love my PS1, PS2, Wii, WiiU, 3DSXL (with the triforce on top...YES I"M A LEGEND OF ZELDA FAN), and my PSP o u o If I can't play them I usually just watch game plays!
gaia_nitemareleft Don't be scared to talk to me~ I know I'm weird plus I can be pretty gory sometimes since I love horror and dark things~ I would love to meet new peeps anytime~!
gaia_diamond League of Legends Username: ZekuroYamamoto gaia_diamond Steam Username: Yuki Akuma gaia_diamond Skype: nina.agelvis
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Art by: Disorganized Thoughts
My Darling and I~ isn't she a beauty~
Draw me?
"I'm going to make you scream for it like the slut you are."
"Make me, b*tch."


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Holy Emperor Vamraak VII Report | 09/24/2016 5:23 pm
Holy Emperor Vamraak VII
gaia_nitemareleft yum_puddi gaia_nitemareright
7I0 Report | 05/04/2016 9:33 pm
Happy birthday Nina dearest ! I'm much to awkward to post on your fb wall
but i'll be awkward here. emotion_kirakira
thanks for being my friend, hope school is going well for you !
Charly Thorn Report | 10/19/2015 10:40 pm
Charly Thorn
-throws confetti at you- neutral
that uh
that wasn't me
o Blue Dragon o Report | 09/02/2015 6:42 am
o Blue Dragon o
Awwwww niceee booop both twining and looking good o uo and you say you don't make good avi's
o Blue Dragon o Report | 07/17/2015 4:50 am
o Blue Dragon o
oooh fricking faker with ahri huh and nice get more kills then me with her xD and i seee damn. lux is good xD i played her and got really closeto like making the other team scared but 11 kills damn i see that, Gnar is a good tanker just only push when his big never small xD and yeajust try different areas see how you feel ik for suremy jungle is bad.. like i was jungle once with warwick i was still in jungle while they finished the game soo but gnar is a little demon like getting blood yaknow.

i know how you feel lately i don't get the inside jokes and i just stay quiet as well like i rarely talk in group chat anymore and hopefully you do be fun to have you in chat for a bit if its only just a little bit but still better then nothing and yep timedifferences erewhere for metolike to talk to them all it would be like 4am so yea,,just get the laptopwhenever youcan be a rebel xD

try not gory but yea matchy matchy o uo and bloood good enough for you
o Blue Dragon o Report | 07/15/2015 4:58 am
o Blue Dragon o
Can tell busy life and busy working with stuff so its all good o uo atleast your doing something. i need to start to do something soon and niicee fricking ahri player now hmmm and. yeaaaa a seductive foxy girl hmm i played her a few times i do alright but i just die easily so eh and thankks xD i am not that fancy now pffft your avi is more... gory and better , but i've been okaay some up and down moments i guess but eh not gonna stop me o uo and yeaaa the skype chat is pretty awkward now with new people and stuff so it is difficult to be like less awkward but.. just gotta try talking or something they willl get use to you while you get use to them and i miss talking to a few of them as well as most don't talk much but their busy just like you and they miss talking to you as so do i
o Blue Dragon o Report | 07/10/2015 3:51 pm
o Blue Dragon o
i can telll busy busy busy as always with you hmm tis fine xD and the teemo master bloody helll know all the bullds and stuff with him hmmm blooddy teemo xD fed dammn i would play league with you and stuff just need to get back on steam and stufff
o Blue Dragon o Report | 07/09/2015 4:33 am
o Blue Dragon o
ohhh its ookaay no worries xD how was taiwann hmm? been good having that fun stuff also HERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
o Blue Dragon o Report | 06/05/2015 3:38 pm
o Blue Dragon o
xDD i caN tell hmmm i seee xDD Not showimg much but looking good with the item
o Blue Dragon o Report | 06/05/2015 2:29 pm
o Blue Dragon o
dammm loooks evil its good o uo
o Blue Dragon o
rly tired
rly tired

Like my head shot? i know you do

My Darling~ isn't she a beauty~

My madly insane Family~

My beloved daughter~she has learned everything from me...she makes me so proud~ As you can see she takes on the madness that runs in the family~

My dearest sister/twin~who swallowed my head and is captured by the addiction of dining on delightful heads bestowed upon her by the lovely Queen of Hearts~

My dear bother Mike~ he is the only sane person in my family~ always such a hero and evil never pierce through his mind. Sadly my influence wasn't able to drag him along to my side. But he is the only person that keeps me sane~ but when he trolls around, then the fun begins~

found this kinda funny

never trust me drawing with a mouse

Animation done by Me~ (took me a long time...)

Art by yours truly (took forever tho...)

Old Art by my Darling