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Me!Me!Me!The one and only(and super fabulous) SUKI! Yes. Yes. It's great to meet me too. Anyways, let's talk more about me(so we won't have any problems). I'm a student at some highschool, someplace, somewhere. That somewhere happens to be...JAPAN BABY! I know some of you "wannabes" are jealous like mofos, but it's okay. I'm Japanese-American, I was born in America raised in Japan most of my life. Funny thing is, I was raised in the Kansai region, so when I speak Japanese, now that I'm in the Kanto region, it sounds different. Probably because of the different dialect and that I'm very fluent in English so it influences my Japanese(Note: I lack an accent, SURPRISE SURPRISE) But WHATEVER, I'm still the coolest Asian-American chick you'll ever meet. What else?What else?Hmm...OH! I'm in love with martial arts! I've been doing martial arts almost my whole life( it's a family tradition.) And when I say "martial arts", I'm assuming you guys know I mean I'm skilled in a bunch of them. My favorite martial art style is Karate. That was my first martial arts, and the first martial art I received a black belt in at the age of like 7. I'm the best raising martial artist, best believe that!


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Loyal ace Report | 01/21/2020 1:06 pm
Loyal ace
Birthday, Fortune, Special. and Unique and just recently Al Paccino4
Le Fils De Satan Report | 01/19/2020 5:52 pm
Le Fils De Satan

On your turf!
How does it feel?
Le Fils De Satan Report | 01/07/2020 2:35 pm
Le Fils De Satan
bruh, I'll even drop a pm and a comment. watch me
Loyal ace Report | 01/06/2020 2:24 pm
Loyal ace
Ok ok how bout this wanna hear about some interesting student names I encountered as an education major and wanna guess some names hmmmm óuò
Loyal ace Report | 01/06/2020 6:43 am
Loyal ace
One can dream? And whatever man maybe you're boring huh ever thought of that all that energy yet you can't come up with a striking conversation =3= catch me girl catch me
Loyal ace Report | 01/05/2020 7:40 pm
Loyal ace
A gypsy
Loyal ace Report | 01/03/2020 9:32 pm
Loyal ace
Good good the thought of not swimming in vomit will sooth my fear of spiders investing my body... What would you choose
Loyal ace Report | 01/03/2020 9:18 pm
Loyal ace
Do the spiders bite
Loyal ace Report | 01/03/2020 9:03 pm
Loyal ace
I went out to my fave store 2nd and charles got some books annnnd ate a lot of food I shouldn't have
Loyal ace Report | 01/03/2020 8:42 pm
Loyal ace
Got some books for cooking, ate too much, now chilling