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Khaos x--ReDsTaR--x Report | 12/25/2014 1:51 pm
Khaos x--ReDsTaR--x
Merry Christmas Shiro!
Khaos x--ReDsTaR--x Report | 07/05/2014 7:52 pm
Khaos x--ReDsTaR--x
Happy Belated Birthday! cat_4laugh <3<3<3
Khaos x--ReDsTaR--x Report | 01/21/2014 2:20 am
Khaos x--ReDsTaR--x
missy, missy x0
how's life in the new year?
i understand if you don't have time for
gaia anymore so i just wanted to stop
by and send off what may be my last
time messaging you... and maybe Aya too.
v . v
had a great time with you two, while it lasted.
best of luck in the real world. wink
good-bye. sad
sjcodan Report | 12/20/2011 2:21 pm
Nice Vash Avi, but you might want to use a red gunner coat, too.
Missed Opportunities Report | 10/10/2011 6:07 pm
Missed Opportunities
Erina Belmont Report | 10/07/2011 4:58 pm
Erina Belmont
Erina Belmont Report | 10/07/2011 3:21 pm
Erina Belmont
FFFF--- YOU'RE NOT CLARK D< -Throws an exploding earring at-
Erina Belmont Report | 10/07/2011 3:15 pm
Erina Belmont
,<< Hey.
Erina Belmont Report | 10/07/2011 3:03 pm
Erina Belmont
Kyo. <w<
Ozone92 Report | 10/01/2011 9:00 pm
Eeehh its Rob smile
Hey bro, change your password because it's saved on my cpu

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Flandre Scarlet
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First appearnce: Touhou Koumakyou - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Species: Vampire
Abilities: Destroy anything and everything
Theme: U.N. Owen was her?
About her: Flandre was born in the year 1508 A.D., around 495 years old and is the younger sister of Remilia Scarlet. Due to immense power and being emotionally unstable, she has been locked up in the Scarlet Devil Mansion for almost her whole life, almost never allowed out and no one usually vists her, except her sister (maybe Pacthouli depending on the situation). Eventhough she is locked up she normally doesn't even try to get out. Her wings are unique and are believed to be made out of iron and prism shards and believed to be artificial. She can destroy anything by moving the "eye" of the object, into her hand and when she clenches her fist, her target is destroyed Beyond her one ability, Flandre also weilds the Lævateinn (A weapon in norse mythology, to be used in Ragnarok (Apocalypse) to burn down the world.) and her physical power is further increased by just being a vampire. She also hasn't seen another human besides Sakuya she didn't even know what her food is.

Flandre is the younger sister of Remilia and the "dirty little secret" of Scarlet Devil Mansion. Because of her unstable personality and incredible destructive power, her sister has ordered her not to leave the mansion for nearly 500 years. She knows little about the world outside and ,until the heroines arrived during the Extra Stage of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, she has had no substantive contact with any humans other than Sakuya.

Also the Mistress's younger sister.

She is a vampiric magical girl and has been the Scarlet Devil's younger sister for about 495 years.

She's kind of nuts and isn't usually allowed out of the mansion, but she usually doesn't try to let herself out.

She really respects her older sister Remilia, but her raw destructive power far exceeds that of her sister's. Although she is usually docile, her insanity makes it difficult for others to understand her.

When vampires attack humans, they generally try to take their prey alive so that they can suck its blood afterward, but Flandre has always been fed with cooked dishes, so she doesn't know how to properly attack a human. Whenever she tries to attack a human, she can't control herself and blows them away without leaving a spot of blood.

Perhaps she can't tell that her daily meals are made from living humans.

Her meals look like such harmless foodstuffs as cake and tea, after all...

■Flandre is one of the two vampires at the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
■Her apparent age is about the same as Remilia Scarlet (who looks to be around 10, even though Remilia is 5 years older and they're both about 500 years old).
■She apparently rarely, if ever, attends the parties at the mansion.
■Normally she's locked up in the mansion, but it seems she might actually be a shut-in who stays there willingly.
■Everyone who enters the mansion hopes they don't run into her, even Marisa.
■Because she is rarely seen by visitors, there are many mysteries about her.
■Her seven-colored wings are unlike those of any other creature and most likely can't be used for flying.
■Even without wings she can fly though, as can many other people.
■Flandre can destroy anything she wants by moving the "eye" of the object, where the tension is highest, into her hand and pouring her power into it.
■When she clenches her fist whatever she has moved the "eye" of into her hand will be destroyed.
■Other than her ability itself, no simple information about it is known.
■She also has extreme physical strength.
■Unsurprisingly, all the toys she plays with get broken.

Remilia Scarlet
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

First appearnce: Touhou Koumakyou - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Species: Vampire
Abilities: Manipulation of fate
Theme: Septette for the Dead Princess
About her: Remilia Scarlet is the master of the Scarlet Devil Mansion and feared as the Scarlet Devil. The elder sister of Flandre Scarlet and is around 500 years old. Remilia personality is also somewhat childish and also has a light appetite, so her victims usually don't die. She originally become known as the "Scarlet Devil" since she often spilled her victims blood over her dress. Due to her overpowering speed and physical strength, she can often manipulate others. Remilia also weilds the powerful spear Gungnir (A spear that never misses).
Remilia is the owner and head of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, the mistress of Sakuya and Meiling, and the older sister (and guardian) of Flandre. Though her appearance (and often behavior) is childlike and seems nonthreatening, she has fearsome magical powers and a reputation to match, being known throughout Gensokyo as the dangerous "Scarlet Devil." Like all vampires she is photosensitive and weakens when exposed to sunlight, so she typically remains inside her mansion (which has few windows to prevent light getting in) during the day and emerges during the night. While she is naturally known to drink human blood, her light appetite means her victims almost never die from their wounds.

In Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Remilia decided to release a mist over Gensokyo to block out the sun and let her move freely during the day; after her scheme was discovered and halted, she was forced to use a parasol to shade herself when she wanted to move around during daylight hours (as mentioned in Immaterial and Missing Power). In Imperishable Night she headed out to punish the ones who took the full moon from the night sky since the fighting would be at night. In Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, she settles her "own" investigation by ordering Sakuya to drag the suspects to her, in order to find the culprit, figuring later that the culprit is above the mountains, where she is very prone to the light.

While her behavior is usually self-centered and somewhat bratty, it is possible to befriend her; however, humans and youkai alike prefer to avoid her. Her name, appearance, house, and clothing all indicate she is European in origin and emigrated to Japan many years ago. She claims to be a descendant of the world's most notorious vampire, Count Vlad Ţepeş Dracul, but this is a bold-face lie.

■As the older sister, she is commonly called 「お嬢様」 ("ojou-sama" wink by fans, and is what is primarily used to refer to her. Whenever Flandre refers to her sister, though, she is called 「お姉様」 ("onee-sama" wink . Another common nickname is 「れみりゃ」 or "Remirya."
■There is a common joke that Sakuya calls her 「おぜうさま」 ("ozeu-sama" wink instead, which has made it a very common nickname for her. The old pronunciation of 「お嬢様」is "ojiyau-sama" (おぢやうさま) but in the Edo period, "jou" was colloquially written as "zeu," like "dozeu" etc.
■Due to "The Young Descendant of Tepes", the title of the prelude theme to the final boss stage of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, she has been sometimes linked to Count Dracula's lineage. This is because Dracula's full name is Vlad Ţepeş Dracul. However, ZUN denied that she is related to the Dracul family, although in character, Remilia herself asserts that she is a descendant of Ţepeş.
■Like most vampires, Remilia has the power of shapeshifting at her disposal and can change into a bat. However, unlike most vampires, her wings remain visible even when she is in human form, making it impossible to pass herself off completely as a human.
■Remilia is not only Sakuya's master but the one who gave Sakuya her name (according to Perfect Memento). Considering Sakuya's murky past and the unlikelihood of a human becoming a vampire's servant, the leading theory is that Sakuya was once a vampire hunter, and Remilia earned Sakuya's servitude by besting her in combat.
■According to Gensokyo's timeline, Remilia was born in the year 1503, making her, as well as her sister, two of very few characters whose birth dates are actually known.
■One of Remilia's weapons is the Gungnir, a spear that is described as having the ability to always hit its mark. Like Flandre's signature weapon, Remilia's Gungnir holds a strong magic, but at a lesser level than Flandre's Lævateinn.
■It is quite coincidental that Remilia's appearance was in the 6th Touhou game. She is the Stage 6 boss, and the player will fight through 6 spell cards on that stage on any playable difficulty (Remilia has 5 spell cards total and Sakuya has 1 on that stage). When these numbers are all put together, it reads "666", best known as the "number of the beast".
■Some fan works have postulated that Remilia uses her power to manipulate fate unconsciously. Otherwise, it would be far too great a power. For instance, if she was able to control a person's fate actively, she could have made it Reimu's fate to lose to her. However, ZUN has hinted otherwise in Sakuya's Perfect Memento in Strict Sense article, where Akyu has speculated that Remilia may have manipulated Sakuya's fate in such a way that she could have a more friendly relationship with other human beings. Should that prove to be true, it would mean that Remilia can indeed intentionally, or at least consciously, manipulate fate.
■In Touhou Hisoutensoku, if the player places a custom parasol system card in Remilia's deck, she'll be able to fight in stages outside.
■In fanworks, whenever Remilia becomes embarrassed or humiliated, it is often referred to as a "Charisma Break" by the fanbase due to this being a contrast to her very charismatic personality.
■A common meme regarding Remilia is 「れみりあ!うー☆」 ("Remilia! Uu-☆" wink which people think is cute

She's been the mistress for about 500 years.

She doesn't clarify this herself during the game, but she is a vampire. She blanketed Gensokyo with a magic mist in order to prevent sunlight from reaching her. Although she has been alive for 500 years, her personality is that of a selfish child.

She is respected by most youkai, but her charisma doesn't stem from her personality; rather, it comes from the fear that they have for her kind. She has one younger sister; nothing else is known about her family.

She is a light eater. In other words, she can drink only a little blood at a time and must leave the rest behind, so the humans off of whom she feeds become a bit anemic, but usually stay alive. Due to that fact, she is never able to increase the number of her kind.
She often spills more blood than she consumes. The spilt blood dyes her dress a deep scarlet, which is what gives rise to her title, the "Scarlet Devil" (紅い悪魔, Akai akuma).

She swears that she is a descendant of Tepes, but nobody is certain whether she is truly related to the Vlad "Dracula" Tepes.
Well, let it be known that she is not.

Master of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She looks young, but she's actually a vampire who's over 500 years old.
Weak against sunlight, she has to take a parasol if she wants to go out in the daytime.

Her personality is somewhat childish, and she's got maids who are basically at her beck and call,
so she can be as egotistical as she wants. She's immensely powerful, so she can really kick up a fuss.

Faster than the eye can follow, strong enough to crush boulders, powerful enough to
manipulate demons, she's so strong it's almost not fair, so she doesn't care much for subtle technique.
She may be weak against sunlight, but she has a pretty strong constitution, so as long as some bit of her
still remains, say, a little bat, she can regenerate any time. She's dreadful to have as an enemy, but
she's not exactly the sort of person you'd want as a friend, either.

Creatures of her kind forfeit their growth and maturity in exchange for eternal life. In other words, she can live forever because she never grows up.

It goes without saying that she is weak against sunlight, can't cross flowing water, hates garlic, and despises sardine heads. Crosses have no effect on her. It puzzles her to hear that her kind are supposed to be weak against such a thing.

She uses bats and arrows as her weapons. She can spawn an unlimited number of bats from herself.

Devils, including vampires, are hated with a passion by both humans and youkai, because their kind tend to be self-centered and selfish. Remilia indeed is no exception. Type-B blood tastes the most delicious to her.

■Current master of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
■Remilia was called the Scarlet Devil before coming to Gensokyo because she usually spilled her victim's blood on her white clothes.
■Anyone making a reference to vampires in Gensokyo is always talking about the Scarlet family.
■Despite being over 500 years old, Remilia looks like a child and often behaves like one.
■Her wingspan is wider than she is tall.
■She has a large ego, short temper, and is well known for being selfish. However, she can be polite.
■Remilia is the mastermind behind the Red Mist Disaster, which lasted for a few days until Reimu punished her.
■Remilia may be known to invite humans to parties held on the mansion grounds.
■She may also play in the Human Village out of pure whim and curiosity.
■She is convinced of her superiority over all others and is friendly to no one.
■Remilia's power to change fate could result in a human being turned into half-human-half-youkai.

Remilia scarlet can be sometimes creepy,shown with a scary face and a creepy face,because of this,she also want's to scare people.

Sakuya Izayoi
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Time manipulation (Stop, Slow down, Fast forward, possibly Reverse), knife proficiency

Appears to be between 16 to 20 years old

Maid, Manipulator of Time

Scarlet Devil Mansion

■(Touhou 9) Dark blue eyes, silver hair, has a long braid on each side of her face with green bows at the ends, carries many knives. Wears a pink and dark blue French maid's outfit with long sleeves, and a white maid headband on her head. The Roman numerals for 1 through 12 line the bottom of her apron.

Easily one of the most enigmatic characters, despite appearing in so many games, Sakuya is the Chief Maid at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She works for her mistress, Remilia Scarlet, and is apparently the only human working at or living within the mansion. She has the power to stop time. She is known to then place knives in midair and resume time to allow these knives to fly towards her targets. Stopping time is also a handy way of doing large amounts of maid work in a short time. Because nearly everyone living or working at the mansion are maids, being the chief of them all means there are few people there with more authority within the mansion than Sakuya.

During Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Sakuya attempts to prevent the heroine from reaching her mistress to whom she is very loyal, but fails. Later, during Perfect Cherry Blossom, Sakuya is able to show more of her true character, even if her main reason for trying to solve the problem is that the delayed Spring will affect her too. During the events of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, she is initially commanded by Remilia to find possible suspects behind the strange weather. After Remilia grows tired of "questioning" suspects, she orders Sakuya to personally find and deal with the culprit.

■The characters for Izayoi literally mean "Sixteenth night" (the night just after that of the full moon), and Sakuya "Flowering night."
■Sakuya Izayoi is apparently not her real name, according to Perfect Memento, but is only a name given to her by Remilia. Her real name is unknown.
■As the head maid, 「メイド長」 or "maid-chou" or "maid-boss" is the common title used to address her among fans. Another common nickname is 「さっきゅん」 or "Sakkyun."
■According to Sakuya, if she happens to run out of knives, she can freeze time and pick up the ones she threw previously.
■According to ZUN, "Manipulation of Time" is synonymous to "Manipulation of Space." She takes advantage of this fact in several ways, from enlarging the space inside Scarlet Devil Mansion, to probably storing an immense amount of knives around. Maybe it's general relativity?
■Sakuya can also use her powers to accelerate time, such as making bamboo flowers bloom instantly, even though this would normally take sixty years.
■Sakuya may be a homage to Dio Brando, the main villain of the manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, a vampire who is known for stopping time and being skilled at throwing knives. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has been referenced several times in the official games.
■Despite helping rebuid the Hakurei Shrine later in SWR, Sakuya casually ignores Reimu's donation requests for shrine upkeep in Immaterial and Missing Power, saying she doesn't believe in gods anyway.
■In fanworks, Sakuya is sometimes seen with nosebleeds in the presence of Remilia or Flandre.
■Sakuya "prepares" food for Remilia and Flandre Scarlet. It's a mystery how this is done exactly, although she mentions in Phantasmagoria of Flower View that with so many flowers around, she can make as much tea and as many pastries as she wants. (Flowers have often been used to provide flavoring for tea, especially in the past, and are still the basis of jasmine tea.)
■In some fan-produced works, Sakuya is depicted with puppy ears and a tail (commonly called 「犬咲夜」 or 「いぬさくや」 or inu-Sakuya), which is probably a reflection of various characters referring to her as Remilia's dog.
■Another recurring joke with fans is the idea that Sakuya pads her chest to make it seem bigger than it is and goes to great lengths to hide this secret, even from Remilia herself. The origin of this joke was due Sakuya's portraits in Immaterial and Missing Power, which for some reason showed her with larger breasts than were seen in all of her other ZUN-made portraits (with the possible exception of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil). Thus, 「PAD長」 ("Pad-chou" wink has become a popular phrase that is frequently seen with 「メイド長」... but be careful when you try to use it. There are many people hating that nickname. Thus, another common joke is to depict Sakuya as knifing everybody who says that.
■There have been several clues spread across the Touhou series that suggest that Sakuya may not actually be human. Most of these occur in Imperishable Night, where Eirin Yagokoro is surprised to see her (according to Eirin's profile). Reimu also questions her humanity in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

Plays the role of a human maid about 10~20 years old.

That power of hers distances her from the human race. She has given up trying to relate to ordinary people.
She does not care about honor or power; she thinks so long as it earns her dinner, being the Scarlet Devil Mansion's maid is fine.

She is the chief of the Scarlet Devil Mansion's maids and cleaning staff, and always takes advantage of her ability to stop time when working.
(If she cleans when time stopped, it won't raise dust.)

Due to the nature of the mistress of the house, it is arguable whether she serves the role of maid or babysitter, but in any case, she is in charge of most of the affairs of the household.

Total of nine card attacks.

The elegant maid of a certain mansion. Has the ability to control time.
Sharp and able, she has no real weak points but can't eat hot (temperature) foods.
Since the art of knife throwing requires similar skills to cooking, Sakuya is incredibly good at cooking.
Her current hobby is creating Chinese delicacies using exquisite ingredients.
In order to save money and the planet, she reuses knives she's already thrown.
If she were to run out of knives during a battle, she'd just stop time and pick them up again.

Throwing knives are her weapon. Deceitless sleight-of-hand is her pride.

She is a maid who works at the Scarlet Devil Mansion on the banks of a lake in Gensokyo for no salary.

She's kept quite busy in this mansion cleaning, commanding the other maids, cooking, and taking care of her mistress.

The mansion is unnecessarily large and has monotonous colors, so it's hard to tell things apart inside. Nobody would notice if an uninvited guest wandered inside and fell into a hole somewhere, undiscovered. Nobody would know if they were discovered and gotten rid of, either.

Somehow, this scarlet building doesn't seem out of place surrounded by the green of Gensokyo. It simply stands there as if it were always meant to be there.

Living here, even Sakuya feels as if time has stopped. Of course, that's not because Sakuya has stopped time.

A maid who works and lives in the Scarlet Devil Mansion . She does a maid's duty perfectly: cooking, cleaning, washing, babysitting, knife throwing, etc. Her position is chief maid.

Her personality seems perfect and elegant, but sometimes she shows a more spaced-out side. The reason she works so quickly is probably because she stops time to do it, though ...

She also specializes in physical attacks. Probably even more so than at suspicious tricks like danmaku. This is why she uses throwing knives in her danmaku. In addition, she likes magic that doesn't have tricks to it, so she proactively adopts it into battle.

She is the head maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, but due to her master's nature she's practically head of the household.
She is utterly devoted to her master, and she feels no shame in being a "servant";
on the contrary, she's so easy-going it feels nice to watch her.
Sometimes she's a little spacy, but it's hard to tell if she's serious or faking it.
In either case, she's a fairly serious person.

Her weapon is throwing knives. Since silver is hard to come by, she's looking for other materials to use, too.

When you're a maid, you don't have to worry about clothing, food or housing, even when you live this deep in the mountains. She's human, but both humans and youkai don't look too well on her since she lives with devils. Still, some humans will overlook this, and she never has to worry about her living conditions. She can't imagine a life better than this

Personality: elegant, knowledgeable, and refined.

However, can be surprisingly careless from time to time

■Sakuya both lives and works at the Scarlet Devil Mansion as a maid and she's the only human there.
■She's in charge of all the fairy maids there.
■The other maids have many perks to their jobs and rarely choose to leave, but are not paid or given vacations.
■The maids are nearly useless though and most of the work is done by Sakuya alone, which would be impossible if she didn't stop or slow time.
■Sakuya's power to manipulate time is not something that could normally be learned.
■Although she can speed or slow time it's difficult to change things that have already occurred, such as undoing damage.
■She can also manipulate space, conjure things, and is a skilled knife thrower.
■Sakuya joined the Scarlet Devil Mansion before it moved to Gensokyo, and since she had never been seen there before it's unlikely that she's from Gensokyo at all.
■Her origins are mysterious and she may be from the world outside Gensokyo, some other world, or even the Moon's capital.
■One theory is that she may have originally been a vampire hunter who tried to defeat Remilia Scarlet with her trademark silver knives and lost.
■She works for Remilia willingly and it is not known what her motivations are or why Remilia has chosen to trust her so much.
■Sakuya Izayoi is not her real name, and was supposedly the name Remilia gave to her after she lost to Remilia as way of controlling Sakuya's fate.
■She shops at the Human Village, but she is cold toward other humans and has no friends there.
■However, ever since Remilia was beaten by the heroine of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Sakuya has begun opening herself up more.
■Remilia may have fated this to happen.
■Although Sakuya claims to be in her late teens, many things about her suggest she may be much older and possibly even hundreds of years old.

Patchouli Knowledge
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
First appearnce: Touhou Koumakyou - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Species: Magician
Abilities: Magic
Theme: Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room
About her: The Unmoving Great Library, Patchouli is the Librarian of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Highly intelligent but has bad health, she hardly ever leaves the Mansion, or even just the Library, where she reads and writes magical books. She is also a close friends of Both Remilia & Flandre Scarlet. She excels in elemental spells and can even combine elements, but due to her bad health she has a problems reciting the majority of her spells. "mukyu~"

■Her first name, "Patchouli," could be taken from name of a herb used in perfumes and incense. Her last name, "Knowledge," appears to be a reference to her amount of knowledge, though few other characters seem to have such literal surnames.
■The actual Japanese pronunciation of her first name goes more along the lines of "Pa-chuu~ri" as is written out by the katakana, which is 「パチュリー」 ("Pachurii~" wink rather than 「パチョリ」 ("Pachori." wink Thus, her abbreviated nickname is 「パチュ」 or "Pachu~," and more commonly, 「パチェ」 or "Pache-" (pronounced "pa-chae" wink .
■After being defeated in Marisa's scenario in IaMP, she utters "mukyu~". Since then, fan works have often depicted her using this sound as a sign of surprise or pouting.
■She's also known as the "One-week Wizard" or the "Wizard of the Week" due to her elemental magics coinciding with the days of the week on a Japanese calendar.
■In Immaterial and Missing Power, Patchouli refers to intruders/thieves (e.g., Marisa Kirisame) as "rats" and guards (e.g., Sakuya Izayoi) as "cats". She rates the catness/effectiveness of a guard on a scale of 1 to 96, because that's the highest number under 100 that is divisible by both 2 and 3. After defeating Sakuya in Immaterial and Missing Power, she gave her a rating of 24.
■In other fan comics, Patchouli is considered a hikikomori due to her apparent habit of spending all her time in one room (the library) and rarely ever stepping outside. She would only have to keep this up for 6 months to meet the time span given in the definition, and she's been living like that for the past 100 years.
■In IAMP, SWR, and Hisoutensoku, Patchouli's protraits' eyes are purple, however her sprite's eyes are red. They never become purple in any alternate palette.
■Patchouli has been rumored to be the inspiration for the character Yue Ayase from the manga Negima! Magister Negi Magi. Like Patchouli, Yue is a short, quiet girl with long purple hair, an unexcitable personality, an affinity for books (she is a librarian) and magic (she is also known to dress in a witch outfit similar to Marisa's).
■Patchouli's Non-Directional Laser was ripped off and later used by Marisa as her normal B-type bomb in Perfect Cherry Blossom, and as a Spell Card in Imperishable Night and Hisoutensoku.
■The crescent on Patchouli's hat could be the crescent in the Sanskrit "Hum", part of the Mantra "Om mani padme hum". In Buddhism, it stands for knowledge and purity and is associated with the color white—all the 7 colors combined.
■She has waterproof books that Marisa finds interest in reading in the bath.
■In the doujin anime A Summer Day's Dream, a book labeled Wikipedia can be seen in Patchouli's Library
■In fanon, she is sometimes seen paired with Marisa. Because of this Alice sees her as an enemy and treats her as such.
■As of Double Spoiler, Patchouli has had appearances in 9 of the 13 windows games (counting Hisoutensoku as a standalone). This makes her the third most featured character, behind Reimu and Marisa.
■Patchouli's magic based on elements of Wood, Fire, Metal, Water, and Earth. In Chinese signs of the Zodiac there are five beasts: Azure Dragon, Red Bird, White Tiger, Black Turtle and Yellow Dragon. Each of the five beasts refer to same elements Patchouli use: Azure Dragon - Wood, Red Bird - Fire, White Tiger - Metal, Black Turtle - Water and Yellow Dragon - Earth.

She is the friend of the Scarlets and is a witch who has lived for 100 years. The "One-week Girl".

Her weak constitution makes her poor at physical combat, but she makes up for for that with her sheer variety of magical attacks. Patchouli's ribbon is not a holy charm, but rather an accessory that boosts magic power.

Since she's a genuine witch, her magical power is terrifying. However, because of the asthma she was born with, she often cannot recite the spells. She also seems to have a vitamin A deficiency.

Maybe her windowless library room is dusty. No, obviously, it's very dusty. But, since she spends all her time near books she considers them a part of herself, and cannot stand to be separated from them. This is how she has spent about a hundred years.

A witch who has settled down in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Unlike the mistress of the house, she is not weak against sunlight; however, she does not go out much. She spends her days in a library where the sunlight cannot reach. This is so that the books won't be damaged, but the unhealthy atmosphere is bad for her health.

She doesn't have a very proactive personality, but rather always walks her own path. However, she is always interested where knowledge is concerned and will proactively go and try to acquire it. She does everything by the book, but still makes a lot of mistakes.

Although she is quite skillful, her complete lack of physical fighting ability can't be helped. She pretty much never attempts to directly punch or kick her opponent. She makes up for this with her knowledge of a great variety of powerful magic. She's more at ease using magic than trying to attack physically. Dividing the magic she uses according to the days of the week is a secret hobby of hers, but no one has realized this.

A Setsubun (Hot-Bean-Throwing) Festival has been staged at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, revealed to have been set up by Patchouli. Upon being questioned regarding this strange festival, amidst the chaos of the Mansion's staff, Patchouli seems to think it ridiculous that Aya would call it "out-of-season"; Patchouli regards the festival as a means of Strengthening the Mansion against the Oni. When asked why, she simply responds that it never hurts to be prepared.

At an unspecified later date, Aya interviews Patchouli in her library, and the two have a relatively pointless conversation regarding the festival until Aya asks if any Oni have been spotted. Patchouli then discusses the Oni with Aya, addressing their weaknesses, and explains the significance of Setsubun in relation to the Oni.

She ends the interview on a note of her own weakness, stating that she hates the sun as it damages her books and messes up her hair.

■Patchouli is a magician known as the brain of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
■It is said that she both creates and solves problems in the Mansion.
■Patchouli is a natural magician who has lived for over a hundred years, most of which she has spent transcribing spells in the library.
■As she is a magician, she uses magic often. Her specialty is elemental magic employing the seven elements Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Metal, Sun and Moon. In addition, she can combine the elements as well.
■Her books aren't just spell collections, but magical items with magic imbued in them.
■However, one can only cast a spell from a book if they have equal or stronger magical abilities than the one who wrote the spell in the book.
■There are far more books in her library than one could ever hope to read.
■To defeat Patchouli, one must to pay attention to what elements she is using.
■However, as she is asthmatic and never leaves the mansion, battles with her are rare.

Hong Meiling
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Alternate spellings:
Hong Meirin


Chinese Martial Arts, Control of Chi


Gatekeeper of the Scarlet Devil Mansion

Scarlet Devil Mansion

■Dark green eyes, long scarlet hair with 2 braids. Wears a green hat with a silver star in the middle. Has a olive green and white dress with a black ribbon.

■Remilia Scarlet (Mistress)
■Sakuya Izayoi (Fellow Employee)
■Patchouli Knowledge (Mistress's friend)
■Flandre Scarlet (Mistress's little sister)

Fun Facts
■The character for Hong literally means "Scarlet" in Japanese and "Red" in Chinese, and Meiling means "Beautiful Bell". The latter part of her name, Meiling, is at least a common Chinese name. These characters can be read in Japanese as "Kurenai Misuzu", and you'll sometimes see her name mispronounced or miswritten that way.
■However, she is more widely known as "China" (中国, pronounced Chuugoku), the one whose real name is never remembered.
■In fanworks, she doesn't take that well which leads her being shunned or defensive of her name.
■It is known that in 2ch, there was a debate on how to read Meiling's name. One side said Hong Meiling, and the other said Kurenai Misuzu. The debate ended (sort of) when a user said "Why don't we just call her 'China', as her clothing seems to identify her the most." As a result, even after ZUN said "Hong Meiling" is the correct pronunciation in an interview, people kept on calling Meiling "China".
■Meiling's nickname is further ingrained into the minds of fans by her clothing, and also by the name of her stage BGM, "Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea". Her stage theme tends to be more frequently remixed by fans than her boss theme, "Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17", to the point where "Chinese Tea" became her theme in Touhou Hisoutensoku.
■A popular Flash animation called "My Name is Hong Meiling" spawned the meme "Sakuya-san, Sakuya-san, cleaning stop! Room cleaning stop!" (after which she gets stabbed in the forehead with a knife).
■Sadly, despite reaching some level of recognition by becoming a playable character in Immaterial and Missing Power (albeit through a downloaded patch), Meiling was the only character not to have a storyline. She is almost universally considered a bottom tier character in the game as well, despite the fact that she has some of the most impressive combos in the game, as shown in here. Whether this was by accident or if Tasofro was making fun of her is unknown...
■She is commonly referred to as the "lazy guardian" of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, though whether this stems from her actual personality or from the nickname "China" is unknown. Many Japanese people complain about the reliability and quality of products manufactured in China. There are many fanfics that depict an enraged Sakuya behind a sleeping Meiling in front of the gates to the Mansion. The implication is that she has the "Chinese" quality of "Shinrai no Chuugoku" (信頼の中国, which translates to Reliable China), with much intended sarcasm.
■Her relationship with Sakuya seems to be a popular topic for fan work, including comics, music and games. One running gag involves her being stabbed in the head by Sakuya's knives. This is usually due to her inability to keep unwanted visitors, mostly Marisa, out of the mansion. In canon, Meiling doesn't appear to be chastised for failing to keep Marisa out (canonically, she is known to be rather versatile at her job and the witch is the only known person whom she can't stop from intruding).
■It is also common for fan works to depict Meiling caring for Sakuya when the latter was a child. This scenario is somewhat plausible due to Meiling being a youkai and Sakuya being human, making it likely that Meiling is several decades older than Sakuya.
■Additionally, they both have the distinction of being the only characters in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil to have braided sideburns with ribbons. This fact supports that setting.
■In the MUGEN community, Meiling is known for her "Chuugoku Satsu" attack, an obvious parody of both her nickname "Chuugoku" (China), and the signature attack "Shun Goku Satsu" (Instant Hell Murder) of Akuma from Street Fighter.
■As the result of her comedic scenario in Touhou Hisoutensoku and the nature of one of her battles (with a rather simplified background image), fans have made numerous jokes regarding drug experimentation on Meiling's part.
■Many of her lines in Touhou Hisoutensoku indicate that Meiling has boastful pride in China. "You're all not there yet! You're all children compared to 4000 years of history!" The script also reveals that she reads manga created by the tengu, compares Yuyuko to a jiangshi (Chinese vampire), and notes that Tenshi and the celestials read Chinese works. (Many of Tenshi's win quotes in SWR come from Chinese classics.) This is how Chinese characters in Japanese manga and anime are almost always depicted: a pervasive stereotype of the alleged common traits and unmerited pride of Chinese people.
■Meiling's win quote against Sakuya in Touhou Hisoutensoku does not imply that Sakuya abuses her, but rather builds a formal, friendly setting between the two. Meiling telling Sakuya that she always goes easy on her could hint that the two sometimes have friendly battles. If it were a formal match, she would (and could) very easily take the Chief Maid down. As Sakuya greatly cares for Meiling in canon (as well as advises her on the importance of not slacking off), this can be taken to some credibility.
■Meiling and Remilia's win quotes against each other in Touhou Hisoutensoku regarding manga that Remilia let Meiling borrow suggests that their relationship very friendly, and that they are just fighting for the fun of it.
■If Meiling loses to Youmu in Touhou Hisoutensoku, the latter will ask if Meiling shouldn't just use a weapon, namely a green dragon blade. This can be a source of confusion, since many would imagine the legendary Green Dragon Crescent Blade wielded by the famous Chinese general Guan Yu, but women seldom use pole arms in Chinese martial arts. In Japan, the term has become a common misnomer for the liuyedao and other Chinese sabers. As Youmu admits she has only heard about them in stories, the use of her local, incorrect term is likely intentional.
■In fanworks, Meiling seems to be some sort of big sister or playmate to Flandre (rather than Remilia). In comedy works, it can be to throw Meiling in the way of more danger. In serious ones, her laid back approach to her job and uncontrollably friendly nature make her a natural choice for reaching out to an otherwise isolated Flandre. Many fan works depict the two going out of their way to help each other on numerous occasions.
■Her race remains unconfirmed, but she's commonly associated with dragons due to her many shared motifs with them, such as her use of rainbows, hat, and name, and possible inspiration by the Chinese Hong. This is most prevalent during depictions of her theoretical EX mode in which she often adopts dragon characteristics.
■For obvious reason, Meiling is sometimes compared to Chun-Li from Street Fighter on notable traits.

Her clothing is colorful and somewhat traditional. She is the gatekeeper of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and prevents intruders from beyond the lake from reaching the mansion.

Chinese Girl, Hong Meiling

The always noisy Scarlet Devil Mansion. That day, it was as noisy as ever. Its gate guard had reported something to the mansion's master, Remilia Scarlet, but the master had loftily ignored her.

The girl felt a vague sense of uneasiness. That morning, she had seen a giant figure. Then, it dissolved into a lazy mist and disappeared.

Just what was that? A big shadow like a roc, and a sinister mist being produced. She was certain.

It was the shadow of the Buddha of Misfortune, "Taisuei Shengjun."

She reported to the master of the mansion that an evil god that all youkai must join forces and fight against had finally appeared in Gensokyo.

Naturally, nobody listened to her.

The girl thought. In order to break up the everyday boredom with a little fun, she had intentionally exaggerated a bit.

One day, a mysterious crop circle appears in the gardens of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, causing widespread speculation, rumors and gossip around the Mansion. Meiling, who was responsible for taking care of the garden, claims not to be the culprit, but admits that she's been tasked by Remilia to restore the garden to its original state now that her mistress has become bored with the crop circle pattern. During her interview with Aya, she notes she is quite worried, as she has no idea how to change the flowers back. Questioned about the crop circle's origins, Meiling vehemently denies falling asleep, so Aya goes on to talk about aliens...

■The culprit revealed at the end is Patchouli Knowledge.

■Meiling works as a gate guard at the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
■She is a well-rounded youkai, skilled in martial arts rather than focusing on a single power.
■Although this means she isn't very powerful among youkai, she has no weak points.
■She is unusually human-like and will chat with humans while on the job.
■If you don't try to get through her gate, she will rarely attack you.
■She performs Tai Chi Chuan daily, and has a nap at noon.

Fujiwara no Mokou
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First appearnce: Touhou Eiyashou - Imperishable Night
Species: Human
Abilities: Manipulation and resistance of fire, immortality, and agelessness.
Theme: Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke
About her: Mokou has been alive for around 1300 years. A loner... Was a daughter of an aristocrat. But when her father was humiliated when his marrage proposal was rejected by Kaguya Houraisan (A princess from the moon.) due to failing her "Impossible Requests" trail, ever since seeked revenge against her. She wanted her revenge before Kaguya return to the moon but was late. Instead she decided to steal the medicine she left to some humans (Who were about to dispose of it.) After retriving it she drink it, the medicine turned out to be the Hourai Elixir, which lead her to become immortal. Due to becomeing immoral, she was cast out of the human world and evenually stayed in Gensokyo. Later Mokou finds that Kaguya was expelled form the moon for giving away the Hourai Elixir to people on Earth and currently staying in Gensokyo. In turn... Mokou and Kaguya (Who also consumed the Hourai Elixir.) kill each other on a daily basis...


Eternal youth and immortality, resistance to and manipulation of fire

Currently ageless, but has existed for over 1300 years.

Rescues lost people, Bamboo forest guide, Claims to run a yakitori stand

Somewhere in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost

■Red eyes and ankle-length light violet hair. Wears a light brown shirt that appears as if it has been discolored from fire, and dark red overalls that are randomly decorated with paper charms. Her hair is tied with these same red and white paper charms.

■Kaguya Houraisan (Bitter enemy)
■Keine Kamishirasawa (Friend)

Formerly an ordinary human, Mokou became an immortal being after drinking the Hourai Elixir about 1300 years ago. Now she is never able to die, though she still feels the pain of injuries as normal. She's considered to be very powerful because she has lived for many years and earned that power, and because she doesn't die and can therefore keep fighting until she can no longer stand the pain.

She has hated Kaguya ever since the moon princess humiliated Mokou's father by turning down his marriage proposal after he failed her trial of the Impossible Requests. Even though it has been over a thousand years since that happened, she continues to detest Kaguya, knowing full well that she can never get her revenge--nor can Kaguya ever put a permanent end to her. When not fighting with Kaguya, though, she aids the nearby villagers by exterminating youkai and will even guide them safely to Eientei for medical treatment. She is a loner by nature and chooses not to socialize with humans or youkai and has a dubious personality that can easily switch from friendly to threatening and back again, but her actions seem to indicate she may be a good person.

■The characters for Fujiwara literally mean "Wisteria field", and Mokou "Scarlet (younger) Sister". According to ZUN, however, Mokou can also mean "Paint me red" and her name has no connection to Flandre Scarlet. In the right context, 'Kou' can also be translated as 'female phoenix bird', which is fitting, while 'Mo' can be translated as 'mourning' Her name would mean something similar to 'Mourning female Phoenix bird', a name somewhat fitting for her exiled life and events of her past.
■Considering Mokou's surname and her back story as a daughter of an aristocrat charmed by the Kaguya-hime of legend, she is supposed to be the daughter of Kuramochi no Miko (車持皇子), who was given the quest for the Jeweled Branch of Hourai by Kaguya. His model is speculated to be Fujiwara no Fuhito, the factual founder of the Fujiwara clan, a powerful clan of regents during the 9th to 13th centuries.
■Another note is at that time it was common for aristocrats to have "の" (pronounced no) between their surname and first name or their title and name. Thus the English equivalent of her name would be "Mokou of the Fujiwara Clan".

Added by Fujiwara no Mokou■Mokou appears on the cover of Imperishable Night, silhouetted against the moon beneath the silhouette of Kaguya.
■Mokou's character title is a pun on the title of ZUN's music CD, 蓬莱人形 ~ Dolls in Pseudo Paradise. She also uses a spellcard named Hourai Doll. Doesn't a certain someone else have a Hourai Doll too?
■The paper talismans on Mokou's pants and hair ribbons might be wards to protect them against being burned by fire. Her shirt, which lacks those talismans, appears to have been burnt repeatedly, while the ribbons and pants show no such wear.
■Because Mokou can't die, there are some parts of Gensokyo she cannot visit, such as Hakugyokurou. This is because being in the netherworld is equivalent to being dead, as quoted by Yuyuko in Perfect Cherry Blossom, and by Mokou in her confrontation with Yuyuko.
■The fact it took the combined efforts of her, Kaguya, and several rabbits to put out a forest fire in her Bohemian Archive article implies that while she's capable of starting and increasing fire, she might not necessarily be able to extinguish it.
■In Cage in Lunatic Runagate, she is shown as having had short, dark hair when she was mortal. No explanation of this is given.
■Chapter 11 of Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth contains the first canonical depiction of a confrontation between Kaguya and Mokou. In it, they seem to have a danmaku fight with food.
■She seems to have a good relationship with the members of Eientei despite her feud with Kaguya and is willing to lead the rabbits home. She also seems to have a good relationship with Keine Kamishirasawa.
■In Canon, the Spellcard 199 in Imperishable Night might refer to Iwakasa, as she implied she felt regret over causing his death.
■In the same Chapter in Cage in Lunatic Runagate: Chapter 4, it is shown that her immortality was derived indirectly from Iwakasa as well, as he saved her life prior to her immortality.
■Mokou was planned to be a playable character in Hisoutensoku, but was scrapped due to a lack of time to balance her move set; ZUN stated in an interview she would have been overpowered and would unbalance the game (the same problem was encountered with plans to add Kaguya to the playable roster as well).
■Due to her power of resurrection and ability to control fire, Mokou is often depicted as having the same powers as the mythical phoenix (She even has spell cards called "Possessed By Phoenix" and "Immortal Flying Bird Phoenix" wink , even occasionally generating what appears to be a phoenix-shaped aura. Fans like to depict this as "wings of fire", but in canon, she only controls the flames of the phoenix in her spells. The phoenix is probably more of an aura depicting her immortality.
■Fandom is divided as to whether or not Mokou actually is possessed by a phoenix; it would seem redundant, as she is already immortal (unless she did it to grow more powerful).
■Mokou is one of the few people in all of Gensokyo to wear pants. This, along with her somewhat forceful way of speaking, often leads to her being depicted as something of a tomboy (perhaps why her parents kept her out of public view). However, because conditions in Gensokyo still resemble those of feudal Japan, pants are hard to come by and must be made by a skilled tailor or imported from the outside world, and presumably are much more expensive than skirts. This may make pants a status symbol, and given Mokou's status as a daughter of the old Japanese aristocracy and her rugged lifestyle, it is likely it would be only natural for her to insist on wearing them.
■Because she claims to run a yakitori (grilled chicken skewers) stand, she is occasionally shown in fan works to be at odds with bird youkai Mystia Lorelei—or ironically, as a romantic interest. She has also used this occupation to scare Aya Shameimaru after insisting there was no fire in the bamboo forest.
■Fan works occasionally depict Mokou smoking because of her mentioning cigarettes in Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red.

A human who has lived forever since consuming the Hourai Elixir.

Long ago, before she became immortal, she was the daughter of an aristocrat. She wasn't allowed to go out in public, so it seems that she wasn't a wanted child. One day, her father proposed to a commoner girl, but was humiliated because she responded by making an impossible request. That girl was Kaguya.

Mokou has hated Kaguya since then, and wanted to take her revenge before Kaguya returned to the moon. She couldn't make it in time, however... She reconciled herself by attempting to steal the medicine that Kaguya left for the emperor of that time.

Oddly, by the time Mokou found the medicine, people were about to throw it into a volcano. She managed to steal it before it was thrown in and consumed it - the Hourai Elixir... That was the last time she was seen in the human world.

Humans who never age can't fit into the human world, so Mokou was forced to live as a wanderer... Humans usually can't survive alone, but she can't die. However, she still suffers from hunger if she doesn't eat and pain if she becomes injured.

Eventually, she chose to live like a forgotten youkai in a desolate place...

Many long years came to pass.

Now, Mokou and Kaguya kill each other on a daily basis. She was extremely surprised to discover Kaguya in Gensokyo and so close to where she lived. It's no wonder, though; Kaguya left the Hourai Elixir, one of the moon's most classified secrets, on Earth. She could never expect to return to the moon in peace. Kaguya also had to run. Mokou felt relief beyond what she had ever experienced - Kaguya was in the same mess she was!

Mokou still detests Kaguya, and Kaguya still tries to kill her, but neither of them can die forever. These are wonderful days... This broken place is truly a paradise!

And she is alive to enjoy it, how magnificent!

When Aya Shameimaru happened to notice a mysterious fire in the bamboo forest near Eientei she decided to investigate. Two girls, Fujiwara no Mokou and Kaguya Houraisan, were already present fighting the fire to put it out. Shortly after Aya began asking what had started the fire a noticeably nervous Mokou suggested it might have been a cigarette butt from kids while Kaguya suggested it was yakitori (that is made from chicken) which sent a frightened Aya (because she's a crow tengu) running with no further questions. Aya ended the article in wonderment over the true cause of the fire.

During her interview with Mokou, Aya comes to the conclusion that it must have been Mokou who did it. However, Mokou first repeats that a cigarette butt caused it and then later insists that there never was a fire and that Aya may just end up as yakitori if she keeps saying there was.

■There's a legend that a secret group of ninja-like youkai exterminators live in the Bamboo Forest of Lost.
■Recently, Akyu met Mokou, who reminded her of a descendant of such a group.
■It is said that Mokou never ages and can't be killed.
■Mokou is a youkai exterminator of sorts, but primarily rescues lost humans attacked by youkai.
■She lives in the Bamboo Forest of Lost and doesn't socialize with either humans or youkai.
■Even when rescuing humans, she rarely says a word to them. However, she has been seen more often lately.
■If asked, she will escort anyone safely through the forest or to Eientei.
■The only thing she says is "I'm a health nut that runs a yakitori stand."


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