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Birthday: 10/09

Occupation: Muscian

I make pokemon sprites!
pm if yoyu want one c: (with colors to)

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This is a hybrid c:

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Name: Amber but call me Raine >.<
Nickname: Shadow whee
I like: My boyfriend heart rock music <3 Wolves, Foxes
I hate: Wanna bes people who merder people who are ignorant, people who are obviouis people who complane about being bored
Wanna know more just PM or comment me whee
Where can you find me?
I can be found playing zOMG or just going into towns being quite razz I'm normally in 1000 barton 5 or 1023 barton 5 razz
I speak a total of 4 laguages witch inculde english (my main) German, Latin, Japaness and a bif fo french
Carpe diem meaning Seize the Day in Latin my bestie will always say it to me every day he ment it to have fun and stuff lol I love you Eric R.I.P!
Wanna know more just pm or comment me 3nodding
MrTomGero 33k (I think) heart
MrTomGero 11k heart
Wanna see my art go vistet my DA account

I love random comments and PMs but if any of them the ******** forward messages or the dammn hacking ones YOU WILL GET REPORTED FOR SPAMMING AND/OR HACKING
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ books I read~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Yes I do read even tho I'm dislexic

The book I'm currently reading is Fallen by Lauren Kate

My current apestion is

Fallen Angels o3o

(My Favorited fallen is Azrael shhh he's hot heart )
A lone Captain
Rei Stormhaven
Murakumo Unit
Beyond Heroic
XxOrgasmic PandaxX



I'm gonna glump chu!!!D<

A really awesome dude to be around :3

He's my awesome Boyfriend Matt we've bin together since 4/29/10 <3 our love hasn't broken yet <3

My bestest friend on here ^_^

My Gaia Brother c:

She claims me now o3o