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What up niggahs?(: Im Madison some people call me Madi. I have and amazing life with amazing friends and family. Im really funny and chill once you get to know me but i may come off as shy. Dont be fooled though(; Im alot of fun to be around so hit me up if you have a chance. I dont care what you think of me so if you wanna try to bring me down then go ahead i promise it wont work! Longboarding is my life and if you wanna you can come along(; Me and my guitar are like two peas in a pod razz Im unique in my own way and love to have fun so if you wanna get to know me hit me up(:

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Nicole Marie Shelley is my best friend in the entire world! No matter what i do where i go shes always there! Were always hitting up the Zoo! Right on!! I love her to death and i know she will always have my back. If you see me youll probably see her i know i couldnt live with out her(: Bestfriends for ever! Fersure my NIGGAH! As life goes by i realize how important friendship is and i couldnt have asked for a better one(: Ive had her in my life since i was two months old and i wouldnt change my best pal for anyone MKAY! Later(:

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HEY LOSER! You just got hacked you stupid niggah haha <3 I LOVE YOU! Hey guys this is my bestie Madi you mess with her ill kick your a**! I love this girl to death and the zoo haha! Well Later niggah <3




This be my favorite Niggah of
all time Nicole SHELLERZ!!(:

When shes gone, remember, you once loved her,
you once needed her, you once cared about
her more than anything IN THE WORLD.
You cant deny she was ever there,
you cant deny what you had,
you cant that it ended over absolutely nothing,
you cant deny, that regardless.
You still think about it, no other girl could
ever love you the way she did (she does).
One day, you’ll realize what you’ve done,
you’ll come back, and she’ll be gone..