hi... how are u? that is how I start every thing... some of u guys know that. sorry but i dont know how to start things like a conservations so don't make me HAVE to start one! im a 13 year old girl that has her own independents and the worst home life... well not worst ,but bad, so don't go asking about it ok! I If you want to know some thing about me,.... im the wost friend ( I think) you want to know why I think that? Every one is sad... and i haven't a clue what to do and when i go and try to go and cheer them up they just give me that go to h ell look you know!!!! so I just stared to give up .... so plz don't do that to me!!!!
The point im getting to is.... I'm a girl that dose not want to put up with anyone anymore so you love me or you don't so pick one ok!

oh yea this is my dream avatar
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it may cost up to 72,135 Gold!