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"You gotta get your head right first."



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the doppleganger Report | 01/27/2011 6:55 am
the doppleganger
Unban xx_omegafire_xx !!!!!!!!!
Sigma Blu Report | 12/13/2010 11:14 am
Sigma Blu
if you ever look at your old account hit me up.
Nessipo0 Report | 12/14/2009 7:20 pm
i really need your help...bad
can you call me asap
won hung low Report | 11/30/2009 5:29 am
won hung low
Account thieves!
won hung low Report | 11/07/2009 6:58 am
won hung low
Still banned? Hmmm looks like gaia ripped off another inocent user.
FlowerOfMay Report | 08/10/2009 6:11 am
Hi !
Long time no see. How are you?

I can not agree more with what you are saying above. The same thing happened to my NordicFairy account you know. And for what? Spending hours a day fishing my butt off to get a Durem trophy. And as you say... They accuse you of botting which I never did, and noone even bothered to answer my mail. Not even a mod would help. I used to buy the monthly letters. Both for daughter and myself, but after that... NO way !!!
won hung low Report | 05/17/2009 10:12 pm
won hung low
I sure miss my account. The xx_omegafire_xx account was banned for no reason. Let this be a lesson to everyone. If you work hard and play by the rules. Gaia will block your account and then make up some lie about why they did it. So please don`t spend your money here people. This site is run by thieves.
Sunlight223 Report | 05/17/2009 8:49 pm
JoanTheDark Report | 03/28/2009 1:51 pm
Heyyyyyy! biggrin
won hung low Report | 01/15/2009 8:42 pm
won hung low
Blocked again? Cmon guys!

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