Rayns version of me <3


L = Lovable

A = Awesome

N = Ninja

Y = Yet, small

Lany to me is a great friend thats always there for me, even when its below 0 degrees and snowing she'll still come running to see you. She has this power to know when someone is lying about anything so just be yourself around her. She hates fake people. They piss her off. She knows how to fight. Its awesome times a thousand. She's even taken me down a couple of times. If you make her laugh she'll be your best freind. Don't diss her freinds or talk about how people piss you off around her. She will just ignore you. She doesn't have the best family life so if she says she okay and its nothing don't bugg her about it. She cares about people, even if there starngers. I can say with out a singal bit of regreat in my mind that im happy i met her. smile I love you Lany.



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You kiss my lips I close my eyes away we float to paradise And all the people who stop to see... softly whisper, "They were meant to be." If I could tell my heart each time, it isn't love, you're just some guy. There's nothing there & what I feel, is in my head, it isn't real. But I can't deny. Can't even try. Because I know inside; Butterflies don't lie.