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Last Login: 12/17/2009 1:59 pm

Registered: 02/25/2008

Gender: Female

Location: Florida

Birthday: 09/08


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xJB7x Report | 03/24/2009 4:57 am
We met on runescape my name is Saliym, on runescape i was G_Wizard1 and Magednite1, Im the one who introduced you to gaia.
xJB7x Report | 03/22/2009 5:30 pm
How ya been gab? Do you remember me?
xJB7x Report | 03/18/2009 6:46 pm
Gabby is this you? its me RockDWolf i changed ma name.
TYFMinato Report | 03/14/2009 2:32 pm
this is Eli again got hacked ><;; and oh razz cute avi btw ^_^
Yatty-sama Report | 03/09/2009 3:49 pm
fine i guess thx
xXxAngel KemixXx Report | 03/08/2009 1:10 pm
xXxAngel KemixXx
is that rly you?
its eli again do you get on anymore
Hey look its that one kid Report | 02/26/2009 2:03 am
Hey look its that one kid
whats up?
Hey look its that one kid Report | 02/18/2009 6:19 pm
Hey look its that one kid
nemo rox 01 Report | 11/27/2008 8:58 pm
nemo rox 01
lol long time no talk?sorry i havent been on. GROUNDED. gahh parents. ive missed u. hope to talk to u again :]
JangJinsu Report | 11/27/2008 2:23 pm
Please add my new user "I am Jinsu" Do not message back~! PLEASE REMOVE USER FROM BL.


hmm well what could I say?... Meh name ish Gaby, and I live in Florida. I freakin luvv music, heart [can't live without it]. I tend to get bored really easily and when I do, I start being random. If I ever talk to you on the phone... dont be surprised if I dont say much. Im a quiet person so yea =) If you want me to talk to you, make something up! I'm nice but can be a b***h if you piss me off, so please don't. I luv you. ^_^. What else, oh yea I suck at drawing, but I heart it. My favorite sport ish soccer. Hehe, I kicked one of my friend in the *beep* once and he got pissed off. xD Sowwy Ray. smile Umm...I'm really sensitive. [ I know like ughh] and tend to cry a lot. cry Sucks for meh. I HATE school! Oh , I adore crayons and markers! Creepy huh? My favorite movie ish... well any movie that has Josh Hutcherson on it. x3 I've been getting anger issues lateleh. O_O Fear meh. Don't ask me for donations. I only donate if I really like chu. ^^ heart I think ur aweshome. Honestly, I don't know why ur reading this but Thnx. Anywayz, I'm saving up for a demonbow, which probably will take me forever. Or not. evil I like to hang around my friends a lot. Yesh, I know I have flaws just like chu. But nobody's perfect. wink So who cares? I've learned a lot from my recent mistakes, and I thank some people for that. Thank chu for making me a better person. ^_^ x3
I don't hold grudges for long; si If I ever tell you that I hate chu, I'll luv you again tommorrow. So don't worry. I care about everyone. No joke. I could see a hobo crying and I'll just burst into tears. I hate my dad,so annnoying. My bro is retarded, My sis ish fun tho. Go sis! Yea, she ish like 3. xD I think that's all so umm yeah, BuhBaii now.

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Total Value: 124,335 Gold, 6,000 Tickets
After Exclusions: 73,318 Gold, 6,000 Tickets
[Item Information]

Item List:
Blue Sweetheart Teddy
Ska Prism Belt
Heart Eye Patch
Gray SKA shoes
GO Phones
Demonic Earmuffs
Colonial Stockings
Card Shark Bands
Black Strapless Bra
Music Note Mood Bubble
Lovely Genie Blue Belly Gem
Indigo Tavern Wench's Bustier
Prism Butterfly Mantilla
Please help!


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