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Storms and Rain

love breaks all barriers, it beats all words, and slows all motions love is a funny thing because it will take your heart, break it, give it back, and take it again, its like a roller coaster ride, but even though its scary, you want to keep ridin




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Zack Hallow Report | 07/24/2014 7:49 am
Zack Hallow
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heikaru Report | 06/22/2012 6:41 am
thanks 4 the buy come again yum_puddi
Eat Love Pray Report | 06/21/2012 8:34 pm
Eat Love Pray
boo guess who
Blizzard Shadow Report | 06/21/2012 2:49 am
Blizzard Shadow
cool avi
Blizzard Shadow Report | 06/21/2012 2:44 am
Blizzard Shadow
Blizzard Shadow Report | 06/21/2012 2:06 am
Blizzard Shadow
Nice profile!
Check mo nalang yung video sa FB ko. NaUpload na yung Station 2 Simple Tricks.
Blizzard Shadow Report | 06/16/2012 3:30 am
Blizzard Shadow
Chanchan! cat_4laugh
LOL cat_blaugh
The Googly Bear Report | 06/14/2012 7:47 pm
The Googly Bear
tnx.. rofl rofl rofl
Eat Love Pray Report | 05/31/2012 4:07 am
Eat Love Pray
happy birthday!


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I had three friends. Eric, Cathlyn, Carol. Eric was chased by all the girls in our high school. Cathlyn was one of those popular girls. Cheerleader, sexy, and stylish. Carol was just one of those plain and average girls .

Cathlyn and Carol were both totally crazy and wacko over Eric. Cathlyn didn't have to do anything to attract Eric, for she was already attractive enough. Carol on the other hand, showered Eric with love and care. Carol wasn't ugly at all. In fact, she looked sweet and pleasant. However, she wasn't a cheerleader and she didn't wear spaghetti-straps or tubes.

So like everyone expected, Eric chose Cathlyn. While Cathlyn was labeled as the cool and attractive type, Carol was just one ordinary and plain girl.

Eric always insulted Carol. He was always telling her what a 'Plain Jane' she was and how dumb she looked. It made Carol felt hurt and useless. Despite Eric's insults, Carol never gave up. She wanted to prove something to Eric. She wanted to prove that looks aren't everything. She studied hard, really hard. She became the top girl in her school and all the guys who once ignored her went after her.

Regardless of her success, she never forgot Eric. Everyday, she put a red rose in Eric's locker with the same words.
'I care for you, and I always will' Because she knew that Eric was facing a hard time.

Soon, Eric began to realise how dumb he had beenwhen he saw his beloved girlfriend Cathlyn flirting with other guys. He regretted choosing the wrong girl.

Cathlyn broke up with Eric some time later for she had found a wealthier guy. Eric felt cheated, stupid and dumb. He went to look for Carol. He knelt on his knees, and said.
"Carol, please forgive me. Do you want to be my girlfriend?" Carol rejected him, much to everyone's surprise. She only uttered these words.
"You've suffered a great loss, so I don't want you to face another one"