when life gives u a hundred reasons
to [cry]
show life a thousand reasons to [smile]

have u ever heard a song from so long ago,
with so many [[memories]] tied to it that it made u *cry*?
and didnt u wish u could go back in time
to when everything was simple and CAREFREE?
those are the songs that r the sound tracks of our lives...
the one that bring back our past.
-best friends-
-first loves-
-broken hearts-
good nd bad

life is about trusting
our feeling nd taking
chances,losing nd finding happiness,
appreciating the memories nd learning from the past

when we first talked to each other
i knew we would always be friends.
our friendship has kept on growing
and i will be here for u till the end.

you listen when i have a problem
and help dry the tears from my face.
you take away the sorrow
and put happiness in its place.

we can't forget the fun we had,
laughing till our faces turned blue.
talking of things only we find funny.
people think we're insane...
if only they knew.

i guess this is my way of saying thanks
for catching me when i fall.
thanks againg for being the Best Friend
and being here with me throug it all.

**thank you Lizzie**

This Is My Life ♥

I MISS YOU when something really good happens becuz ur the one i wanna share it with.I MISS YOU wen something is troubling me, becuz ur the only one who understands me so well.I MISS YOU wen i LAUGH ND CRY becuz i know that ur the one who makes my laughter grow nd my tears disappear. I MISS YOU ALL THE TIME, but i miss u the most wen i lie awake at night and think of the wonderful times we spent with each other for those were some of the best memorable times of my life.

as i sit with little to do,
my mind is filled with thoughts of u.
as i work hard throughout the day,
i miss ur smile thats miles away.
as i lay down nd try to sleep,
its memories of u i always keep.
u must know this, my love is so true,
i spend all my time missing u.♥♥

"keep on believing nd dont give in"

b with someone who knows wat they hav wen they have u

be who u want to b
not wat others want to see

Fly Away With Me And Be Free

dont let someone become a priority in ur life
wen ur only an option in theirs

do i miss u?
count the stars nd multiply by 10.

love isnt finding the perfect person
its seeing an imperfect person

look for the stars with me just beyond the city lights eventually we'll spot one nd smile at its beauty but please be patient it takes time each star is shy to show its brilliant light to others just as im afraid to show my light to others for fear i'll be rejected but dont worry i found a way to live with it nd its very simple move on dont dwell on it nd LIVE