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`·.¸.·´Christina ♥
·..·¨) ChrissyBoo
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ (¸.·¨¯`♥
♥ I'M aLL Bout ME ♥
[.8.26.95] ♥'N Me, MySeLf && I
>[SimPlY UnIqUe]< ♥ ♥
Im just a quiet, crazy, bubbly, down-o2-earth laid back kinda chiqq.
Friendly, clumsy, and funny o2!
Luhv o2 lauqh and make friendz. Luhvz o2 text and talk to boyz o2

=D~*~.::.©Aboutsz Yah Girl©.::.~*~
~*~.::.-->DeAdLy mIx PeOpLeZ<--.::.~*~
I'm mixed up!!
Not really lol.
I'm a Trinidadian (Trini) , Jamaican, Cruzan (St.Croix U.S.V.I.) , and Floridian!!!
That's right, a little of everything up in there lol
So what am I? I have Portuguese, Native American (Arawak and Cherokee) and Black in me

~*~.::.-->My ChArAcTeRiStIcZ<--.::.~*~
Trini~ Stubborn, Wild
Jamaican: Strong, True
Cruzan: Crazy
Floridian: Humble

~*Basic Stuff*~
Name: Christina

Nicknames: Chrissy, Chriss, Pie, Skittlez, Buttercup, ChrissyBoo
Birthday: August 26th

Age: 16 yearz young

Gender: Female

Hometown(z): V.I. Reppiin. Jamaica Reppiin!!! Trini Reppiin!!! FLA Reppiin!!!!

Hair Color: Dark-Dark Brown/Black

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Height: 5’2 ¼ ...well, people I FINALLY REACHED 5'3 AFTER A 4 YEAR GROWTH STUNT! ;P

Weight: 115

Piercings: Ears twice (so far)

Tattoos: Yeah...upper back, chinese symbols (small)

Scars: Yeah

Social Group: Society has never defined or divided me

Lefty Or Righty: Lefty

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: Swimmiin, Creative Writiin, Cookiin, Softall, Playiin Tha Flute, (Wanna Learn to play guitar)

Color: Purple, Green, & Black

Number: 8

Animal: Wild=Tiger Domesticated=Bunny, Kitty.

Place: In The World=Hawaii State= Pool

Sport To Watch: Basketball

Sport To Play: Softball

Food: Seafood

Desert: Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Devotion, Chocolate!!

Drink: Piña Colada, Shirley Temple

Television Show: CHOWDER!! Flapjack, Boondocks, Spongebob Squarepants, Face Off, Our America, Jersey Shore, Amazing World of Gumball, True Blood, The Real L Word, Teen Wolf, Game of Thrones

Movie: Twilight Saga, Ninja Assassin, The Lovely Bones, Dead Silence, The Roomate, Transformers, Avatar, Sorority Row, Friends With Benefits

Weather: Rainy cause it’s cool.

Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip

Quote: Don't mind what people think or say because the people who matter dont mind.

~*Do You Listen To*~
Rap: Yes

Rock: If itz totally awesome

Metal: Rarely, but yes.

Blues: Not that iKno of

Jazz: Nope

Techno: Nah

Country: Yeah (Taylor Swift!!) =]

~*Music Favorites*~
Genre(z): Pop, R&B, Calypso, Soca, Hip-Hop, Dance, Rock

Artist: Trey Songz, Nicki Minaj, Diggy, Mindless Behavior,
P!nk, Mac Miller

Song: Mindless Behavior - Mrs. Right, Mindless Behavior - My Girl (anything by them!), Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On, R. Kelly - Radio Message,

Song To Sing In The Shower: Piña Colada Song

Album: Pink Friday

Instrument: Guitar

Are You In A Relationship: Nope…single and loviin it.

Are You In Love:

Do You Have Any Kids: Hell no, too young for that!

Has Anyone Broken Your Heart: Many times =(

Have You Cheated On Anyone: No

Your Longest Relationship Was How Long: 4.8 yearz

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight: Not anymore

Would You Kiss On A First Date: Depends on the person and the mood.

Would You Have Sex On A First Date: Nope, not that kind of person.

Would You Ever Go Out With Anyone For Their Money: No, that’s just dense and pathetic.

Would You Go Out With Someone You've Just Recently Met: Yeah, if they strike my interest.

Have You Been Out On A Pity Date Before: Yes, sadly. (Went with someone just because they liked me)

~*What You Look For*~
Hair Color: Doesn’t really matter

Eye Color: Doesn’t matter (but gray, light brown, green (like my PB) and hazel eyez are sexy!)

Height: At least 3 inches taller than me

Personality Or Looks: Personality

Short Or Long Hair: Doesn’t Matter

Hot Or Cute: Cute

Rough Or Gentle: Gentle

Good Or Bad: Good-hearted, Bad-minded

Style Of Clothing: Doesn’t really have to be a selective style to me. Nerdy swagg (cardigans, nerdy glasses, sweaters etc.)
Tattoos: Sexy (yes)

Piercings: No more than earz

Best Friend(z): Kohrn, Lil Bit, Skittz, NeNi, Che-Che, Bubblez, Denzzy, NiNi (Smileyz) and Dae-Dae

Longest Known: Dae-Dae

Sexy: All of them

Cute: Skittz

Short: Gi-Gi and me (same height *we oompa-loompaz* lmao)

Tallest: NiNi and Bubblez

Funniest: Che-Che & Lil-Bit

Horniest: ALL (including me *we're teenagers -__- ) lmao jk...none

Shy: Me

Weird: Gi-Gi

Smart: Me!!! (LOL. Joking, Kay-Kay, then me)

Annoying: None, but iKno someone who is....

Loud: Kay-Kay

Helpful: All

Person You Said You Loved: Boobie~

Person You Said You Hated: Stepfather (and it still countz and will alwayz count)

Person You Dated: __________

Thing You Ate: Subway

Thing You Drank: Sparkling Water

Person You Talked To: Che-Che

Person You Missed: My Bestiesz
(Ma Wifeysz and Hubbysz)



There's so much more to life than just to live it trudging around, lonely as can be, with no one to hold and care. Life's like being lost when nobody's there.

YoU cAn FiNd My NaMe WhErEvEr U gO
wRiTtEn By A tHuG
cRoSsEd OuT bY a HoE

Sex, drugs, rock-n-roll
Speed, weed, birth control
Life's a b!tch, even when we die.
Fu©k the haters and let your spirit soar high.
Ambition, fear, and success, things to never hide.
So when you die, at least you still have pride!


JACOB BLACK!!!!!! (Team Jacob)
ₒ•→♥ɱĩɳȡʟɛƨƨ ßɛɧåʊɨɸᴙ♥←•ₒ
~Trey Songz
~Michael Jackson
~Justin Bieber
~Winnie The Pooh
~Tweety Bird

~Back Stabberz
~Kiss azz(z)
~Time wasterz
~Down Keeperz
~Sun Slapperz
~Harmony Husherz
~Wanna Be(z)
~People who judge people by what they are and how they look
~Child Molesterz
~People who pretend to be who/what they are not
~Uneducated people

look at my cute new pet isnt he just da cutest eva >.< lol
( )__/)
(")_(") Cute lil bunny
his name is Snugglez lol
Ay, im crazy lol


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Xx_iNatRal_Xpressionz_xX Report | 11/01/2010 3:47 pm
ShOwIiN mY SeLf SuM LoVe BeCaUsE iM sPeCiAL dUh!!!

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Mizz Clumbsilicious Report | 11/01/2010 3:45 pm
Mizz Clumbsilicious
u cnt ask me nytin bout skool
Mizz Clumbsilicious Report | 11/01/2010 3:10 pm
Mizz Clumbsilicious
praty girls Report | 11/01/2010 12:17 pm
 praty  girls
i love your profile i like that guy too
praty girls Report | 09/13/2010 3:37 pm
 praty  girls
heyyy girl i love your profile so vary much !!!!
Mizz Clumbsilicious Report | 09/07/2010 6:12 pm
Mizz Clumbsilicious
onlii u
Mizz Clumbsilicious Report | 09/06/2010 7:53 am
Mizz Clumbsilicious
lmao 4 reel
i gotta a flippin 8 paragraph essay 2 do
s**t hole dez ppl na fa play tall lol
Mizz Clumbsilicious Report | 09/03/2010 2:55 pm
Mizz Clumbsilicious
Love ya 2 huneybunches of oats lol
Mizz Clumbsilicious Report | 08/27/2010 6:00 pm
Mizz Clumbsilicious
ur welcum hun
Mizz Clumbsilicious Report | 08/26/2010 7:04 am
Mizz Clumbsilicious


Don’t Just follow your dreams,
Catch up to them.
Make them real, make them true,
Make the unique, make the you
χжχ.::.→٭Иαŧυяαł X˚ρязѕѕїǿи™٭←.::.χжχ


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