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-Name: Ashley
-Nickname(s): Jan-Jan/SnowBunnay/Apple/Lolly
-Phone #: (pm me^.<)
-Status: Single n_n
-Race: Asian
-Color(s): Blue, White, Black and Red
-Yummies: Lollipop, Ice cream, cake, cupcake and muffin
Animals: Wolves
-Instrument(s): Violin and Piano
Drawing[art], singing, writer, cosplay, eating sleeping, music, and many more.
Dislikes: Backstabbers, liars, players, cheaters, chil/men/women or any kind of abuse and golddiggers! >_<
Grade: Highschool
Others: "I'm shy at first but when you get too know me more you'll see that i'm hella' crazy"

My Dream Avi's ->Here
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My Store ->Here
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My Gaia Avi Arts ->Here
I would love to draw avi arts for you, but it would be nice to have something in exchange(: I hope We make a great deal.

That Is All, Thank You. And Bye-Bye<3
[For any questions, dont hesitate to pm/comment]