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*chapter one*

_Renea runs down the hall and bursts through the door of the Honors English classroom. The teacher looks up from a student's paper in surprise. "Hello." He says. "And who might you be?"_
_After a minute of huffing, Renea catches her breathe and she replies, "My name is Renea Lamae and I am the new student." The teacher's eyes light up with recognition._
_"Oh, yes! I was wondering when you would arrive. I thought for sure it was tomorrow." He stands up and walks over to her. "Class, say hello to Renea. She came all the way from L.A. to Somerville. Make sure she feels welcome."_
_He places Renea in a desk next to a girl with pure blond hair that goes down to her mid-back. She stares evilly at Renea. Renea doesn't notice her, she just opens her black messanger bag and pulls out a notebook and a mechanical pencil. The girl next to her, makig a fake innocent face, flicks her pencil onto the floor. "Oops." She says, bending down to pick it up, where she stuck it in Renea's backpack. She then sits up quickly and raises her hand. "Mr.Waterbumber! The new girl stole my pencil!"_
_Renea looks up from writing, confused. "Hm?" The teacher stands up and walks over to Renea._
_"Miss Lamae, did you steal Belle's pencil?" He asks, furiously. Everyone in the school loves Belle, whether they be old or not, Belle was popular._
_"Not that I know of." Renea replies, obviously oblivious to what is happening._
_"You liar!" Belle yells, jumping out of her seat and making a scene out of it. "Look, it's in her backpack." Belle points at the small pink pencil pointing out of Renea's backpack._
_"Hm, how did that get there?" Renea pulls it from her backpack and stares at it. She then hands it to Belle. "You need to keep better track of your stuff." She then goes back to writing in her notebook. The teacher goes back to his desk, utterly confused and Belle sits back down, her mouth wide open._
_A brunette boy behind Belle chuckles and Belle turns around and glares at him. "What's your problem, Daren?" She growls._
_"You so earned that. It was hillarious." The boy begins laughing again when Belle sticks her tongue out at him._
_"Daren, stop provoking her." Says a cute blond boy sitting next to Daren. "She's going to kill you in your sleep."_
_Daren looks at the boy. "Stay out of it, Pretty boy. He says, then he turns back towards the front of the room. The blond boy growls._
_Belle whispers to James. "Don't let him bother you, James, he's just a big baby." Daren slicks her forehead and she punches his arm._
_"You are weak, Belle. If this baby can beat you, I mean." Daren smiles menacingly. Belle glares and sits away from him in her seat, huffing._
_Renea turns around to them and says, "If you guys don't shut up soon, I'll kick your asses, okay?" She turns back around._
_"Oo, spicey." Daren says as the teacher leaves the room. Her head flips back towards him. He smiles._
_Renea stands up and walks in front of him. "If you say one more thing, I will take my pencil and stab it into your hand."_
_"Hi." He says, stilling smiling. Renea turns around, grabs her pencil, and turns back towards him. She quickly picks up his hand and jams the pencil into the skin. He cries out in pain. She takes it back out and sits in her desk._
_With his eyes wide open, James jumps out of his desk to Daren. "Are you okay?" He asks, grabbing the bleeding hand. "Come on, we need to goto the nurse." He leads Daren out of the room._
_Belle stares in horror at Renea. "What is your problem?!" She yells. Renea turns towards her._
_"When I write my stories, I need silence. If there is no silence, I hurt people. That's why I moved schools. So, shush it, or bleed." She goes back to writing, leaving Belle with a wide open mouth and a shoked face._
_The teacher walks in and says, "Daren and James will be back soon. And...Belle, are you okay?" Everyone in the classroom turns towards her._
_"Um..yes, I'm f-fine." She replies, shaking. The teacher shrugs and goes on teaching about verbs from before he left the room. There was an eery silence within the students..._

*end chapter*


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