Hello everyone,Welcome to my profile.
[Asian Pride]

Now hmmm.....Some info about me should i tell you.......Okay maybe a little. I'm just an asian girl which lives in Canada that likes to hang out with friends, go on the computer,talk,eat,sleep,play sports,shopping,watch tv ect.I'm very friendly unless you do something very mean then I'm not so friendly anymore but later on if you still talk to me then I'll turn friendly again,people say I'm fun to be with but I can be very stubborn sometimes,I'm talkative,most of the times I can't stop talking so i just go on and on but I dont talk alot on the net cause it's to much to type unless im hyper then yes I'll type alot so if you ever need anything just comment me or pm me.

I don't know why but I like learning things, so I'm learning how to speak chinese,japanese,portuguese,itailian,polish,spanish and vietnamese.

I listen to any kind of music, as long as there good.Music is technically my life.

I only put people who actually talk to me on my friends list,I've been deleting alot of people on my friends list cause they don't talk to me. So if you want me to be a part of your friends list then you have to talk to be or otherwise I'll just delete you off my list, cause if you don't talk to me then I'm not really your friend am I?

Well that's a bit about me, If you want more info about me pm me.

Now thanks for visiting my profile^^

tam biet,adios,adeus,do widzenia,sayonara,arrivederci,zaijian.
P.S those words mean Goodbye in viet,spanish,portuguese,polish,japansese,itailian and in chinese.