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I'm Bree.
A few things you should know are:
I don't take bullshit from people.
I only like few people because a lot of people don't understand me.
You're opinions are nothing to me, you can't really hurt me with words.
I've been through many things and that is what makes me who I am.
If you are looking for a good friend then I will be that person but don't expect me to fix all of your problems.
If you have a problem with who I am that's too bad for you because I will never change who I am for someone to be happy.
I can be a b***h at times, especially if you piss me off.
If I get mad I usually don't tell people why.
The music I listen to depends on my mood.
I hate plenty of people.
If you hate gays, lesbians, and/or bisexuals then get lost, some of my best friends are gay/lesbian/bisexual.
Hate me from just reading this? Then ******** off.