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Why you all wanting to know stuff about me! I'll never tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like who wants to know that Ive had a secret crush on the girl who plays Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright), I just told you =0!!!!!!! K so I won't tell you anymore, my favorite color is rainbow! -ducktapes mouth- * sluurp, girgle, muffled laughing*

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Who am I?

Hi, I'm I guess, well I can't really say that. This may seem confusing but many, am searching for who I am. Am I going to have my dream job, being an author in Scotland? Will I be the person to cure cancer? Maybe I'll end up begging for change on the streets of some overpopulated city. I guess maybe one day I'll find out =3

K, so at the present time I am a 16 year old guy, no, I am not gay, or bisexual I am straight. Is it so wrong that a boy goes against society and likes rainbows? Pfft, I am just trying to find a way to stand out from others, wether it be jumping over a pit of snakes on a scooter or liking rainbows. I go to school at (sorry you rapists I'm not saying ^_-, and I love writing and drawing. My favorite book series is Merlin, which is a 7 book series. I love drawing, especially anime and self portraits. I will admit to it... I went through a faze when I liked yaoi, but that stage has long since been OVER!!!!!!! I love to rp and try my hardest to get known by those great rpers out there so maybe I can improve my rping skills.

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Dark Cape
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Fremere's Guard
Diapered Egg
Diapered Egg
Diapered Egg
Fremere's Guard 3rd Gen.
Infernal Spirit 8th Gen
Infernal Spirit 8th Gen
Infernal Spirit 8th Gen
Infernal Spirit 10th Gen
Diapered Egg 4th gen.
Fremere's Guard 6th Gen.
Fremere's Guard 6th Gen.
Diapered Egg 5th gen.
Gogh Reed 9th Gen.
Gogh Reed 9th Gen.
Gogh Reed 9th Gen.
Gogh Reed 9th Gen.
Gogh Reed 9th Gen.
Gogh Reed 9th Gen.
Diapered Egg 6th gen.
zOMSoundtrack Earphones
Gogh Reed 11th Gen.
Gogh Reed 11th Gen.
Chain Link Belt
Celebrity Snare Hulk Impact Crater
Onyx Galaxy Cannon Blaster
Death Whisper
Enchanted Book 6th Gen.
Midnight Gothic Bat Trousers
Blade's Black Boots
Assassin's Guise

Any donations appreciated!!!!!!!!!


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Nakamarra Report | 08/06/2013 6:31 pm
thank you for buying
panties overrated Report | 08/03/2010 7:49 am
panties overrated
ty 4 buying
Allikatisakat Report | 08/01/2010 4:54 pm
You ok?
Viviberry Report | 02/12/2010 4:27 pm
the sparkle in your eyes could put the stars to shamee <3

thaanks for buyingg (:

loopy_cutie Report | 11/15/2009 6:42 pm
Thanks for buying ><
DaniRhapsody Report | 08/24/2009 4:16 am
of course. Like I can pass up the chance to harass you ;D
Spiffaliciously Awesome Report | 08/23/2009 4:44 am
Spiffaliciously Awesome
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DaniRhapsody Report | 08/22/2009 1:29 pm
eh...the usual..trying to make some gold, fishing...more fishing....chatting. yeah, the usual xD
DaniRhapsody Report | 08/21/2009 8:16 pm
OMG SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNTTTTAAAAAAA!!!! You've been gone for liiiike FOREVER!!!! *glomps/tackles* heart
x - bluberi A N T 4 C I D Report | 01/25/2009 10:38 am
x - bluberi A N T 4 C I D

And yeah, mythical creature rp's are really fun.

They leave more to the imagination, which allows more plot to develop.

Which in the end leads to the roleplay lasting longer.

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