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What's with the fascination with the echelon?

I am an echelon.

Don't know what the echelon is? As quoted by, "The Echelon is a publicity street team for the band 30 Seconds to Mars, which helps in bringing friends to the shows, phoning local radio stations to request the band's songs, putting up posters, posting to band forums or related bulletin boards online, and maintaining magazines or websites dedicated to the band. It is also the name of one of their songs in the album 30 Seconds to Mars."

But this is just a technical definition. The echelon is so much more. It has grown from just a street team into a massive family of friends and supporters, all linked by the wonderful band that started the street team. The echelon is not restricted to the US--it's worldwide. We are not just dedicated to Jared Leto, as most fangirls are--we love each and every part of the band. The music, the people--everything.

Not only do we love the band, but we love each other. Like I said, we are family.

And I'm sure I speak for the echelon when I say thank you to 30 Seconds To Mars for bringing together such a wonderful family.

******** you, nonbelievers.

Don't try to tell me the band is unoriginal. You come up to me with some rude-a** comment, and I'll laugh--and maybe even spit--in your face. If you know who my favorite band is and you decide to come to me with some insult towards them, it's obvious you've got nothing better to do with yourself than try to degrade others.

And it pisses me off to no end that you'd do it through a band that did nothing to you.

Do you truly believe they're so unoriginal? If so, have you ever listened to more than what the media has played? "The Kill," "A Beautiful Lie," and "From Yesterday" aren't all the songs they've made, kiddies. In fact, why not try to listen to their self-titled album? Then try to tell me they're unoriginal. If you do, you're a ******** numbskull. Their songs are about interpretation. Unlike most songs, they give you the freedom to decide what you think their songs mean.

Go ahead. Message me. Insult the ******** out of me. But don't you dare say anything about 30 Seconds To Mars. You do, and I swear, I will make you feel like s**t--and trust me, I know how. Remember, I'm an echelon. I don't tolerate that s**t. Especially when I know for sure you don't know half of what you're talking about. Hell, if I meet you in real life and you make a crack at the band, I'll probably punch you in the face.

The band changed my life. Don't call me "emo," because that's a genre of music, not a ******** label. I'll just laugh at you.

Don't like the band? That doesn't bother me. Say something bad about the band anywhere near me? I'll kick your ******** you, nonbelievers.

And yes, this is a cult.

About Me

User Image
This is me. I know I'm not the prettiest person in the world, but those who have a problem with it will get over it. :]
I am in love with the band 30 Seconds To Mars
I am an Echelon.
I'm 18 years old.
I'm pansexual.
I'm agnostic.
I know that the bird is the word. -starts dancing-
I'm open-minded.
I love slash and femslash. :]
Bandslash is my sex.
I love friends.
I'm willing to listen and offer advice to any problem you may have.
I have some problems with anxiety. Panic attacks and the like.
I have issues with self-esteem.
I'm not violent, unless I'm standing face-to-face with my ex-stepdad.
My past has ghosts, but I'm not going to flaunt them.
I'm EXTREMELY emotional.
I'm an artist.
I'm a writer.
I'm studying to be a web graphic designer.
I secretly want to be a bassist.
I'm arachnophobic and claustrophobic.
I've mastered the entire Hare Hare Yukai dance. :]
I've mastered the dance for the Lucky Star theme.
I hate rap.
Stereotypes are bullshit.
I love virtually any kind of rock music.
Music is my life.
I have many favorite bands: 30SECONDSTOMARS, Angels And Airwaves, The Used, My Chemical Romance, Straylight Run, Motley Crue, Mindless Self Indulgence, My Darling Murder, Metallica, Rob Zombie, White Zombie, Seether, Shinedown, Godsmack, System Of A Down, Cobra Starship, Panic At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Dethklok(lawlz), Korn, Slipknot, Lamb Of God, Dimmu Borgir, Hellogoodbye, Primus, Nirvana, Chevelle, and many more.

30SECONDSTOMARS and company

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I'm listening to...

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My Family Of Friends

I love these people to death. They're all so amazing in their own way, and they've never once turned me down because of the kind of person I am.

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Scarlet, AKA echelon_cola: Love this girl like a sister. I haven't known her for too awful long, but it feels like I've known her my whole life. She's extremely mature for her age, and whether she admits it or not, she's ******** intelligent as hell, a brilliant artist, and a talented writer.

User Image

Flora and Danielle, AKA Flo and Sumi: Two of my best friends from high school. They're two very amazing people. Danielle's the most skilled artist I know personally, and Flo has the most powerful singing voice I've ever heard. We survived the hard knocks of high school together, and here we are. These two girls have one hell of a future ahead of them.

User Image

Lindsay, AKA Napoleon: This girl is one of the nicest people I've ever met. Despite her devout Christianity, she accepted me despite my being agnostic(Unlike everyone else in my school, who liked to call me a devil worshipper). She's hilarious and bubbly, and extremely fun to be around.

User Image

Ryan, AKA Hizzy: Another high school friend of mine. He's a well-rounded guy, and one of the few I know who wouldn't try to get into my pants within a day of meeting. He's intelligent, funny, and makes some kickass Star Wars impersonations. <3

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Jessie: I love this girl so much. She's so amazing and funny, and open-minded. She accepted me for who I am and she's always been there to lend a shoulder when I've felt like crying. I love her and miss her like crazy!